Saturday, August 1, 2009

idle chatter

Miss me? Awww!

I know this was from a few days (weeks?) ago, during the media blitz before HBP came out, but it's funny! It's in 2 parts, and Yes, it's Dan. ;P Ah, July 9th. Just over three weeks ago.

Sorry, I think the sound is all left channel, but I can't help that.

Still haven't taken pics of the yarn yet - and I'm buying a kettle-dyed lot from Rachel @ Dyeabolical today. She went and dyed it, and then had a severe allergic reaction to it! She posted about it late last night, and I'm relieving her of half of what she dyed this evening. I'll take a pic of that as well. *hugs to Rachel*

I'm almost to the center point of the Ravenclaw shrug, and need to get one more ball of the grey yarn. Meh. I hope they have the same dye lot. In the meantime, I've started yet another sock: it's called Outside In and it's available on in the Summer 2009 set. I'm using the Premier Yarns "Serenity Sock Weight" in Aquamarine for the socks - I've already ripped back and restarted with a larger needle (a US2 instead of a US1) and I think they'll fit better. Me and my big feet!

I'm going to see HBP in IMAX tomorrow - the first 15 minutes are in 3D, so the joke has been that I have a date with Harry in 3D. LOL!

I'm still planning on reading the fic that Ryan wants to podcast, but the Peons have run into a little trouble - it appears that we're going to have to re-record several eps, as one of the guest hosts had a HDD crash and lost all her files. Before she uploaded them. Grrrrrr. We're going to have a meeting tonight to discuss it.

The Cards are in first place (w00t!!) and the new acquisitions (Holliday and Lugo) have been productive! According to...I don't remember, one of the sportswriters off my Twitter list, I think....if the Cards are in first on the morning of 8/1, they have won the division. If they are not in first, they have not won the division. That goes back to the beginning of the franchise, I believe. We're in first today. The trend will continue!!

That's all from me right now. Cheers!