Tuesday, June 11, 2013

man of steel worldwire release in 2 days and counting

Well, it's almost here.

We've been peppered with TV spots and trailers (11 at last count!) as well as Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe doing a little bit of the talk show circuit.

Can I have a Cavill? A Henry clone? He's got 4 brothers... Yummmm.

I was looking up something for someone about the LA premiere (couldn't find anything!) and the Red Carpet Premiere was in NYC yesterday.  I guess they're not doing a red carpet in California? Huh.

The HUB is having a Superman: TAS marathon on Friday to mark the opening of the movie, and they did something kinda cool.  I can't embed the video, but here's the link:

Animated 'Superman' promo shot-for-shot nod to 'Man of Steel' trailer: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Apparently HUB did the same thing last year when The Dark Knight Rises premiered last summer.

They (DC et al)'re already estimating that MoS will have a $100 mil+ opening weekend, AND they're already talking SEQUEL. As well as a Justice League movie. I can hear my Cali teacher buddy squeezing from here!

I'm not going to the midnight showing. I'm going to the 11PM showing on Friday night! woot!  I also picked up the soundtrack today - Hans Zimmer's work, and apparently they had 12 drummers with full sets on the tracks.  Haven't listened yet (baseball comes first, just like the Cards, who are IN first!) but it's almost 2 hours of music.  Wow!!!

Okay, off to read.  Cheers!!