Tuesday, September 25, 2007

socks that rock omg

Hope everyone had a nice weekend (including those who stabbed themselves with steel dblpts - OWWW!! Rachel!) - I did, and the Pirate Fest has one more weekend! Come see us, STL people.

Just a couple things to post about - I bought a ball winder yesterday, and now I need a SWIFT. OMG. Don't try winding 400+ yards of yarn without one if you have any shred of sanity. I like the winder - it's just a simple Lacis - but geeeeeeh. It should NOT take an hour to wind a ball of yarn. I saw some tabletop versions on Etsy that I'm considering. Oi.

I got my Socks That Rock Silkie yarn today in the mail - oh, my god, I'm not sure I want these on my feet. I'm thinking the rest of my body will be insanely jealous. LW here at work wants a BLANKET made out of it. It's totally yummy. I linked to the Blue Moon Fiber site in an earlier post - the colors for Philosopher's Stone are grey, rust, blue (sky and deep), tan, and a foresty green. I may have to pet it for a few weeks.

I consolidated my sock yarns into one place - and I have unknitted socks to last me till MARCH. I use one of those pop-up hamper thingys to put yarn in, and it's HALF FULL. Yikes.

Almost to the heel on the ILG socks - I have 5 days to finish these, and it might be right down to the wire. I'll post when they're finished!

Oh, one last thing: I'm listening to the PotterCast #118 - I love this podcast except for the Scribby part - and recommend it to those who haven't disowned me yet for the Potter obsession. Go listen.

No NatureSpun yet! I'm pondering starting the second sleeve of Teh Blue (but still Purple) Sweater with the yarn I have. What do you think, Pinky? Pinky?

The Cardinals are out of the pennant race - but they did win the last home game. Thanks, Albert and Rick! Great 9th inning heroics :) We can forfet the rest of the games, right? Cuz it's not like we're gonna beat anyone. Okay, maybe the Pirates. Maybe.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

updates and squeeeeeing

Ah, autumn, can you please arrive? I want some cooler weather!

Well, the pirate sweater didn't get finished last week *ducks* I know, I know, what about the Pirate Fest?? It's gonna be too bloody hot to wear a sweater over the next 2 weekends. *sigh* Oh, well, there's always Hallowe'en. The thing is about Hallowe'en in STL is that parents have to be able to do everything from waterproofing their children's costumes to making sure that a snowsuit will fit under them if needed. We have wacky weather the end of October!

Anyway, the pirate sweater has a front, a back and one arm all attached. I did knit the crew neck, and set in the first sleeve. The other arm and the side seams needed to be sewn, but I just had to work on something else before I went 'black yarn' nuts. The end of the month deadline is coming for the ILG socks, and I'm only about four inches into the second sock cuff. We've been a bit swamped at work doing projects, and lunchtime has been just that - lunch! Can't knit and eat a messy sandwich :)

I've been bad - again. (I know. This is new how?) PK is now telling me I need a 12 step program for my sock yarn addiction. I think she might be right! Yarn that has arrived or has been ordered:
  1. my first HP Potter Covers subscription yarn arrived! squee!! Superwash merino/nylon in the colorway Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone (purple/orange/med brown/white) - this subscription series is based on the Mary Grand-Pre artwork for the US covers.
  2. Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Silkies Socks That Rock" - merino/silk blend in colorway Philosopher's Stone (green/white/dark tan/red/blue/purple). Hard to describe, click on the link to see it!

Oh, this last purchase? It's all Lime & Violet's fault. They were drooling over and going on and on about this yarn, so I had to go look.....and saw this colorway (and NAME of colorway) and had to get it. Their fault. They have a podcast - you should go listen. Oh, and um...it's not a kid safe podcast. LOL!

I got the Lion Brand fall/winter 2007 catalog on the mail today. Yes, the "Rambling Rows" afghan is on the cover! And they're selling the pattern! Don't get me wrong - it's a great pattern - but I'm just so surprised to see it being offered by LB. Oh, and Nancy? I was right - it IS in their new line of yarn, "Vanna's Choice". Thought it had to be!! :)

Speaking of podcasts, I'm still hooked on the Potter stuff (hears the groans all around) and have discovered PotterCast! They're the 'offical podcast of the Leaky Cauldron' (thank you, Rupert Grint, for the great intro!) and are up to ep #117. I think I'm in love with Steve Vander Ark's voice. Have I already said that? Mmmmmm. He's the guy responsible for the Harry Potter Lexicon (over in the links list on the right). The HP fanfic site that I've been wandering around in (The Sugar Quill) also has a podcast available off iTunes called the SQodcast - I've only listened to one ep of these gals so far, and they're wacky. LOL! Listen at your own peril.

Lastly but not leastly (??), on the baseball front, we're either a game or maybe two out of elimination, and we got creamed tonight by the Astros. I don't wanna talk about it. It's that awful. I think we're 10 or 11 games under .500. You know it's a bad game when, in the 7th inning, the radio announcer says that the "best thing that can happen in this game is the last out." Ouch ouch ouch. *goes to find chocolate to feel better*

Well, no pics today, I'm afraid. I'll post the ILG socks when I'm finished with them, tho.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pirate sweater

Well, it's Wednesday, and I have like, 2 nights to finish the pirate sweater. The weather forecast for this weekend is for low 70's and below, so if S&J&A&T go to the pirate fest, A'll be wearing this! I'm not going to manage to finish the leggings, however - those will have to be ready for Hallowe'en, instead.

Here's the 'crucified' shot of the sweater:

Pirate Sweater Front
It's knit with Lion Brand Baby Soft, and there were about three dozen ends to weave in! Ugh. Tonight, join shoulders and knit neck. After I go find a button with a skull and crossed bones on it. Maybe just a skull? Eep!

I've been a bad girl and succumbed to Etsy again:
  1. A ball of merino/nylon blend (75-25)which looks oh so rich (dark charcoal/ruby/dove grey/med dove grey) from Wooly Treasures
  2. A ball of merino/nylon blend (75-25) in PINK (or should that be PANK?) shades for Ash. Everything's gotta be PINK! That's also from Wooly Treasures.

The Potter obsession is still hanging in there - I'm now doing what I said I wasn't going to do - read fanfic. I'm still a snob when it comes to fanfic, tho - if I read the first 3 paragraphs and don't like the style or tone, I move on. Guess I'm spoiled from reading selected authors in the SG1 fandom! (and you know who you are ;-) )

Anyway, enough for now. Letters to fold, people to guide thru computer issues, yadda yadda.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

lazy(ish) sunday

Just a quickie - been knitting like crazy on the Pirate outfit, and now have a 'consignment' to do as well.

One of the guys at work wants an iPod cozy in Gryffindor colors, so I thought I'd make this one. I think the gold on the top and the burgundy on the bottom would be good. Should I put in another stripe or two? Hmmm. I want to make a Weasley Sweater Cozy for myself. LOL!

I finished listening to the Fry version of the HP audiobooks, and still like the Dale version better. I think I'm all Pottered out now - unless the fan art and the fanfic suck me in, but I'm dragging my heels. Don't...make...me!

The Cards lost again today, which puts them back under .500 and behind the Cubs and Brewers, who are apparently tied for first place in the Central. I didn't catch the game today, but after last night, I'm hoping we didn't have to put half the team on the DL. Yep, it's September! Everyone's beat up, and it's showing.

My real-life buddies (and me) are all taking it easy today, since this will be the last weekend for the next month that isn't booked. Next three weekends: Pirate Fest! Arrrrr.... (which translates into 'come see us, you land lubber!')


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

day ... pictures!

Yay! I have pictures of Teh Sweater! These pics still look blue to me, but are a closer color to the PURPLE that I'm using.

Full shot of sleeve:

Sleeve Complete
Close up on sleeve:

Sleeve Complete Close-up
Full shot of the back:

Back Complete
Closeup of decreases on back:

Back Complete Closeup
I finished the second sleeve of the Pirate Sweater, and will start the leggings tonight!

Ought to be a fun doggie-walk tonight - it's pouring outside. Whee. Well, we needed the rain, and thanks the good lord and green apples that it didn't do this over the weekend. Spirit of St. Louis Airport + County Fair + rain = MUD MUD MUD.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

day...er, 35? 36? something!

Well, I finished the sweater back! *cheers*

I took the sleeve and the back up to my beleaguered LYS (Weaving Dept at Myers) and weighed the pieces to make sure we knew how much I needed to order. The back is 7.5 ounces and the sleeve is 5 ounces. That means that a women's size 48 (chest measurement 52") will be about 26 ounces of yarn, or about 8 skeins of yarn. That leaves me needing 2 more balls of yarn for the purple trial sweater, so we ordered more of that. Hopefully, we can get the same dye lot. *crosses fingers* I could start on the second sleeve, but I MUST work on the Pirate or else. I went ahead and ordered the blue yarn as well.

I will have photos up soon. I've been too busy to take pics at work, but my schedule has changed for this month, so I may be able to squeeze in a photo shoot this week.

I'm listening to the Stephen Fry version of the Potter books, and I think I like the Jim Dale version better. One of my chat buddies was complaining that the US versions of the books used too many 'Americanisms', and, as Harry & Co. are supposed to be British, he not supposed to talk like that. I've noticed about a dozen different changes in all 7 books between the US and UK versions. Is it noticeable? Um, Nope!! I have enjoyed listening to all 7 in order again now that we know how the story pans out. All the little details that JKR wrote in passing really pop out as they come up 'years' later. Can't wait till the encyclopedia comes out! Oh, and another chat buddy pointed me at this site which has some terrific sketchwork. Check it out!

I don't have too much to write tonight - it was a very busy weekend, as I worked out at the St. Louis County Fair and Airshow at the ren faire booth on Sunday and Monday. Lots of heat and dust, and my allergies decided to flare up after being relatively well-behaved all summer. It was a very cool show with the Blue Angels, and the fireworks on Sunday were nice.

That's all for now....cheers!