Tuesday, September 4, 2007

day...er, 35? 36? something!

Well, I finished the sweater back! *cheers*

I took the sleeve and the back up to my beleaguered LYS (Weaving Dept at Myers) and weighed the pieces to make sure we knew how much I needed to order. The back is 7.5 ounces and the sleeve is 5 ounces. That means that a women's size 48 (chest measurement 52") will be about 26 ounces of yarn, or about 8 skeins of yarn. That leaves me needing 2 more balls of yarn for the purple trial sweater, so we ordered more of that. Hopefully, we can get the same dye lot. *crosses fingers* I could start on the second sleeve, but I MUST work on the Pirate or else. I went ahead and ordered the blue yarn as well.

I will have photos up soon. I've been too busy to take pics at work, but my schedule has changed for this month, so I may be able to squeeze in a photo shoot this week.

I'm listening to the Stephen Fry version of the Potter books, and I think I like the Jim Dale version better. One of my chat buddies was complaining that the US versions of the books used too many 'Americanisms', and, as Harry & Co. are supposed to be British, he not supposed to talk like that. I've noticed about a dozen different changes in all 7 books between the US and UK versions. Is it noticeable? Um, Nope!! I have enjoyed listening to all 7 in order again now that we know how the story pans out. All the little details that JKR wrote in passing really pop out as they come up 'years' later. Can't wait till the encyclopedia comes out! Oh, and another chat buddy pointed me at this site which has some terrific sketchwork. Check it out!

I don't have too much to write tonight - it was a very busy weekend, as I worked out at the St. Louis County Fair and Airshow at the ren faire booth on Sunday and Monday. Lots of heat and dust, and my allergies decided to flare up after being relatively well-behaved all summer. It was a very cool show with the Blue Angels, and the fireworks on Sunday were nice.

That's all for now....cheers!

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