Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pirate sweater

Well, it's Wednesday, and I have like, 2 nights to finish the pirate sweater. The weather forecast for this weekend is for low 70's and below, so if S&J&A&T go to the pirate fest, A'll be wearing this! I'm not going to manage to finish the leggings, however - those will have to be ready for Hallowe'en, instead.

Here's the 'crucified' shot of the sweater:

Pirate Sweater Front
It's knit with Lion Brand Baby Soft, and there were about three dozen ends to weave in! Ugh. Tonight, join shoulders and knit neck. After I go find a button with a skull and crossed bones on it. Maybe just a skull? Eep!

I've been a bad girl and succumbed to Etsy again:
  1. A ball of merino/nylon blend (75-25)which looks oh so rich (dark charcoal/ruby/dove grey/med dove grey) from Wooly Treasures
  2. A ball of merino/nylon blend (75-25) in PINK (or should that be PANK?) shades for Ash. Everything's gotta be PINK! That's also from Wooly Treasures.

The Potter obsession is still hanging in there - I'm now doing what I said I wasn't going to do - read fanfic. I'm still a snob when it comes to fanfic, tho - if I read the first 3 paragraphs and don't like the style or tone, I move on. Guess I'm spoiled from reading selected authors in the SG1 fandom! (and you know who you are ;-) )

Anyway, enough for now. Letters to fold, people to guide thru computer issues, yadda yadda.


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