Tuesday, September 25, 2007

socks that rock omg

Hope everyone had a nice weekend (including those who stabbed themselves with steel dblpts - OWWW!! Rachel!) - I did, and the Pirate Fest has one more weekend! Come see us, STL people.

Just a couple things to post about - I bought a ball winder yesterday, and now I need a SWIFT. OMG. Don't try winding 400+ yards of yarn without one if you have any shred of sanity. I like the winder - it's just a simple Lacis - but geeeeeeh. It should NOT take an hour to wind a ball of yarn. I saw some tabletop versions on Etsy that I'm considering. Oi.

I got my Socks That Rock Silkie yarn today in the mail - oh, my god, I'm not sure I want these on my feet. I'm thinking the rest of my body will be insanely jealous. LW here at work wants a BLANKET made out of it. It's totally yummy. I linked to the Blue Moon Fiber site in an earlier post - the colors for Philosopher's Stone are grey, rust, blue (sky and deep), tan, and a foresty green. I may have to pet it for a few weeks.

I consolidated my sock yarns into one place - and I have unknitted socks to last me till MARCH. I use one of those pop-up hamper thingys to put yarn in, and it's HALF FULL. Yikes.

Almost to the heel on the ILG socks - I have 5 days to finish these, and it might be right down to the wire. I'll post when they're finished!

Oh, one last thing: I'm listening to the PotterCast #118 - I love this podcast except for the Scribby part - and recommend it to those who haven't disowned me yet for the Potter obsession. Go listen.

No NatureSpun yet! I'm pondering starting the second sleeve of Teh Blue (but still Purple) Sweater with the yarn I have. What do you think, Pinky? Pinky?

The Cardinals are out of the pennant race - but they did win the last home game. Thanks, Albert and Rick! Great 9th inning heroics :) We can forfet the rest of the games, right? Cuz it's not like we're gonna beat anyone. Okay, maybe the Pirates. Maybe.


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