Tuesday, October 2, 2007

just a little update

It's been a week since I posted - nothing much new going on here. This is not the boring life you are looking for - move along, move along.

Well, the end of the month deadline for the I Love Gansey socks came and went, and I'm still not finished. WAH! I think I have two more heart repeats and then the toe. Sigh. The new pattern was posted yesterday - I'm not really interested in the new pattern (it's a diamond/argyle derivative) so the next socks will be either the HP PS/SS "Hedwig" from the sock subscription list, Ash's pink socks (need to find a pattern!), PK's hawt purple crew socks, or the sekret baseball socks. I reeeeally need to do the last 3 pairs since they're Christmas prezzies, and it's OCTOBER. Ack.

Still haven't heard from Nancy to see if my yarn is in yet....note to self! Call!

I've been good this week - no new yarn purchases, but a lot of yearning for socks - see Etsy sidebar. Le sigh.

The Cardinals finished the season with a sweep of the Pirates. Yay! Now it's time to say "GO ROCKIES!" Heee!

Back to work, and then off to get my grandparents' computer back online...cheers!

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