Tuesday, October 9, 2007

sock and yarny update

*knit knit knit knit* Oh Hai.

I really haven't done much - I DID finish the ILG socks (and wore them all day Saturday) so I'm going to wash and block 'em before I photograph them. They're cool!! I also started Ash's Zephyr socks three times over Sunday and Monday due to:
  1. Inability to follow graph (aka brain fart) and forgot to knit on the US3s that I went and bought just for these socks.
  2. Restarted sock, got pattern down, knit three repeats of pattern, and then tried to try sock on. Wouldn't go over my heel. Apparently this pattern is for skinny people with skinny ankles! Ash isn't fat (like me) but she has big feet. *rrrrrip*
  3. Rerestarted sock (adding another 9 st pattern repeat), and now have cuff and two repeats finished. The colors are not pooling as they were, and now seem to be spiraling haphazardly around the cuff. Which is kinda cool.

I'm up to Podcast #34 from L&V, and have decided that Violet and I must have been separated at birth. She's a sockknitter, has talked to boxes of rocks doing tech support over the phone, has an ancient dog named Shenzi who looks just like Pluto, and loves the Pacific NW. Yikes. Oh, and Lime & Violet are enablers. This is bad. Just thought you'd like to know.

I went to Kirkwood Knittery on Friday to get the abovementioned US3s (Addi Turbos [insert lightsaber sfx a la Brenda]) and a hank of Colinette "Jitterbug" in colorway Toscana (which looks way different online than it does in person) attached itself to me and demanded I take it home. It's very green!! Mine is a moss green/red/orange/blue/purpley/olive green colorway. I'm looking for a colorway that yells "HP" at me and I think I'm getting closer. The really sad thing is that I'm starting to think of colorways that I've not seen online - and that I may need to create myself. HELP! Someone stop me!

I need to complete the seaming of Teh Pirate Sweater since I told S&J that they didn't need to buy a costume for A. I'm going to force the Second Sock syndrome since I'm going to seam up the sweater when I'm done with Zephyr Sock #1. I'm not sure if the leggings will work - they are really long - so I'll have to wrap those up and check for sizing on A. Whee!

It's probably a good thing that the yarn isn't in yet for Teh Blue Sweater. Must do everything else first.

EDIT! Forgot my sports stuff:

  • Rockies beat the Phillies, are going to play Arizona for the NLCS. Go Rockies!
  • Cleveland beat the Yankees (does the happydance and raspberries Steinbrunner) and will be playing Boston for the ALCS. Go Tribe!
  • Missouri creamed Nebraska in NCAAF 41-6 on Saturday. Next up: Oklahoma. Go Tigers! Ranked #11 in the country now! Woot!
  • Stanford beat USC 24-23 in the last 48 seconds of the game on Saturday. I think Sue needs to be resuscitated. What a shock!!!

*knit knit knit knit*

Have a nice day! ;-)

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