Wednesday, October 31, 2007

summary of yarn to patterns

I've been so busy with everything, I think I've started losing track of what patterns (that I haven't already started) are 'assigned' to what sock yarns, so here's a list compiled from posts and other meanderings
  • Ravenclaw colorway - "Eagle's Flight"
  • Dare to Enter the Forest - "Horcrux" (from SSKAL)
  • Invisibility Cloak - "Aran Braid Socks For Teri"
  • Sirius - Original pattern using Herringbone Eyelet pattern
  • Ginny Weasley - "Cairi's Sweetheart"
  • Dementor - possible "Jaywalker"
  • Ronald Weasley - "Lombard Street"
  • Mystery Baseball Socks - "Jaywalker" again
  • Naked Flesh - "Campanula for a Cure"
  • HPSS - "Hedwig" (included pattern) from Dharmafey
  • Philosopher's Stone - No idea. Just petting yarn atm ;)
  • Toscana - Possibly another "Horcrux"
  • It's Not Easy Being Green - "Jaywalker"
  • Rusty Bucket - Pondering gauntlets with this, now...
  • HPCoS - "Heir of Slytherin" (included pattern)

I still have several skeins that I need to post about - they're sitting on the desk by the computer, but I haven't been home enough in front of the computer to talk about them. I had originally intended the Rusty Bucket to be used for the "Fawkes" pattern, but found a J. Knits down at Knitorious that was brighter, and I'll describe it better later.

Gotta run - this post has taken something like 2+ hours to put together, as work and lunch keeps intruding ;-)

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