Wednesday, March 16, 2011

earthquake vid from japan

Hi again.

Yet another "omg, you have to see this" video.  I have no idea how the heck this guy stayed so calm, when you can SEE the ground opening and closing at your feet.

Ground splits and moves during Japanese earthquake - Videos - Graeme Hill - Weekend Hosts - RadioLIVE

I do not want to see that here.  We're only 175 miles from the New Madrid Fault Zone.

Stay safe, everyone.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

unbelievable tsunami vid

Hi all...

I found this via a tweet and watched have to see this.  Hopefully this will upload properly.

I'm not sure what geological formation the videographer is on, but it is scary, horribly awesome what this wave does, and I'm sure that he and everyone with him is thankful that they had a place to be safe.

(EDIT: The video was from Kesennuma, Japan, and is now on the website.)

Be safe, everyone.