Monday, March 8, 2010

pooches, ravelympics and basically touching base

Hi! Thought I abandoned you? Naw. Just my usual boring life going on, so I haven't posted.

I posted a while ago that I had some bad news to pass on. On September 10, 2009, my dear pooch Pluto had a heart attack and died in my arms. I'm afraid I was depressed for a few months, and that's mainly why I've failed to post. I didn't knit, blog, or chat much online. It didn't help that it was really quiet here at home, with no furry friend to motivate me to get moving.

On January 15th, that changed.

I'd been casually looking at PetFinders, and wondering if I'd want another dog. And what kind. Well, I came across this one sad looking dog that looked like she needed a home, and went to see her. Three days later, I adopted Lily. She is a very small 5 year old beagle, or possibly a beagle/dachshund mix. She's a tri-color, no 'flag' on her tail, and bays loudly! She's only 9 inches tall at the shoulder, and was an emaciated 8.5 lbs when I got her. She had a LOT of things wrong - whipworms, coccydia, dehydration, and (as I later found out) a double ear infection. Since then, we have managed to kick all of that to the curb, and today she was a whopping 12.7 lbs! Yay! Now we're working on housebreaking - almost there - and how she seems to have to sleep in the MIDDLE of the bed.

Here's a pic from January 31 - she travels VERY well, sleeps 5 minutes after getting on the road - and we were at Fort Kaskaskia Park in southern Illinois:


She's a little dog with a big mouth - will bay at me if I don't make her dinner fast enough, and has a bit of separation anxiety, but she's a good dog otherwise. If she's awake, the tail is wagging! We also need to work on the hogging of the warm air from the space heater - she's a great draft blocker, so I end up staying cold while she gets a nice warm back or tummy! I'm working on more pictures, so stay tuned.

I have picked my knitting up again, and participated in the 2010 Ravelympics! I medaled in several categories:

If you click on the picks (except for the Single Skein), you'll be redirected to pictures of the completed projects. I started but didn't complete a Kureopatora's Snake as well, finished that one a few days ago, and started another one for me. The temps right now don't warrant scarves, though. Oddly, I think this happened last year about this time too - right after I finished Lisa's basketweave scarf. Hmmm.

I'm recovering from a series of illnesses that landed on me all at once the first week of February, and am TIRED of taking pills. Bleh. I'm nearing the end of my third (!!) course of antibiotics, and finally (mostly) have my voice back. Had to have a root canal due to the infection moving into a tooth, as well. I'm feeling much better now.

I love Meteorite Men. Want more Eps!!!

Lastly, BASEBALL HAS RETURNED! *happydances* Spring Training games started last week (and Yes, I'm glad they don't count. Ouch!) and Opening Day is 4 weeks away. Four weeks!

Okay, I think I'm wound out. Yarn reviews should return soon (I just bought some! w00t!) after I take pictures and type out the list.