Saturday, November 29, 2008

not a fangrrl, really. *ahem*

I'm wearing my Jitterbug Horcrux socks. I'm cold!!

I ran across some YouTube clips of DR:

Dan talks about donating his jeans for charity

On the daily10 talking about Equus, Harry Potter, and Robert Pattinson (Cedric)

I still have yarn to review, but I'm pooped. Tomorrow will be interesting - I'm driving 30 miles to see a PeeWee hockey game, and it should be snowing by the time I leave. Yay! Ash is going with me and will get to meet my brother, SIL, nephews, and Dad! Eeep.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

not really an ad for guitar hero and geeking

This is just too funny not to share:

I posted this over on PFW, but some of you don't get over there so....

Okay, the setting. Me, at work. I work in Internet Security. I wear a badge.

Saturday, November 22, 3:45 PM.

Ahem. ;)

I get on the phone with an older gentleman who is having issues logging into his mail. I reset his password, and he still can't log in. I log in to make sure the account is still accessable, and then log back out. He tries again, and now can access his mail.

While I was in his box, I noticed he was on a Yahoogroup for DeLoreans. You know, the Back To The Future car with the gull-wing doors.

So, I ask: "I'm sorry, I noticed you are in a DeLorean group. Do you own one?"
He says "Yes, yes I do."
Me: "Is it one of the new cars from the old parts? I've seen a few of those."
Him: "No, this one has a few miles on it. It's the prototype model - I was on the design team."
Me: *blinks* "Oh, wow, that's cool!"
Him: *laughs at me*

He WAS the design team! Look! Yes, I went all geek. He was very happy with my customer support (said so, too!) and I was just geeking.

And so ends my second brush with fame. I've talked to Leigh McCloskey, too. Heee!

PK, Keish, A and I went to lunch and then to the grocery today, and then I wandered through Hobby Lobby. Yes, I got yarn. No, it wasn't a lot. Enough for a pair of socks, a furry scarf, and a pair of wristlets. I'll list them after I take some pics.


Monday, November 24, 2008

yarn and quiche and hp

It's been a wicked crazy 2 weeks. First, the yarn.

  • 1 100g hank Fire Lizard Studios "Lizard Sock" (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon) in colorway Autumn Woods (dark leaf to forest green, dark gold to burgundy, plum) and #2
  • 1 100g hank Fire Lizard Studios "Lizard Sock" (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon) in colorway Julia (bronze-gold, burgundy-berry)
  • 1 4oz hank St. Paul's Catholic School by Cherry Tree Hill "Supersock DK Select" (100% superwash merino) in colorway Garfield (black, yellow, cream, orange)
  • 2 50g balls Patons "Kroy Socks Jacquards" (75% washable wool, 25% nylon) in colorway Denim Jacquard (sky blue, dark blue, grey, white, charcoal/white check)

Most of those were from DBNY, and sold out very very quickly. The Julia color of the Fire Lizard made me laugh - it's Gryffindor colors. Perfect for PFW Julia!

Today is Day #1 of 5 days off in a row, and the only thing I've done is wash the dishes. Lazy! I'm recovering from last week. I think I took more calls on Friday than I have for the week prior. From what I understand, the DMCA tickets are just going to get worse. Don't share copyrighted files, peeps!

I've started sorting the laundry, so where is the pooch lying? On top of the clothes on the floor of course. *rolls eyes*

I'm making the sausage & salsa quiche into minis for an appetizer on Thanksgiving. I made them as a test case last week, froze them, and then defrosted them in the frig. They were great! I couldn't find the mini shells in the store, so I made the crust myself. First time for me making crust, first time for making anything in the mini pans, total experiment. Mike @ work liked the crust (flour, butter, cream cheese) - he said it reminded him of potpie crusts. I'm so glad it worked!! I can't wait to see what the family thinks.

PotterCast had a review of the new trailer (which is totally totally made of awesome) and posted it on their site. It's a little hard to hear in places, but it was way cool. Too bad the movie couldn't have been out this weekend (*pokesWB really hard*) but I supposed I'll live. The Deathday part on PFW was a lot of fun!! I was auctioned off to Bob, The Squirrel King for an audiobook commission!

The bad news of the week was L-of-the-scarf in Colorado got laid off on Friday. 20 years at the same place, and she's out. I always figured her boss for a crackhead, and this proved it.

Well, on that sad note, I'm off. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

new hbp trailer and a news bite!

A new one *squees muchly*....and get this. It will be screened with Twilight. Meh. 244 days to go.


In other HP news, Leaky has announced that Melissa Anelli's Harry, A History will be premiering on the New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller List at #18! Yay Melissa! For those of you who don't know, Melissa is one of the hosts for PotterCast. I'm just thrilled for her!

No yarn right now, but there is a box coming.....


Monday, November 10, 2008

calendar of wrock, a star wars funny, and a recipe

First, I give you an announcement from Julia of PFW/Pwncast:

Several months ago I had an idea. I was tired of not being able to find good wall calendars, so I decided I wanted to make my own, and that I wanted it to be a Wizard Rock one. So I got Cody on board and she did a ton of work, and now we have an AWESOME Wizard Rock calendar for 2009. It features eleven WRock bands: Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, The Whomping Willows, The Moaning Myrtles, Catchlove, Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills, The Parselmouths, Tonks and the Aurors, The Remus Lupins, Draco and the Malfoys, The Butterbeer Experience and Harry and the Potters.

Cody, Dan and I decided pretty early on that it would be mean of us to keep all this awesome for ourselves, so we're selling it to you! We also decided that if we were going to sell these, then we should share the awesome and give all the proceeds to the Harry Potter Alliance.

This project has been a lot of hard work for all three of us, but in the end it's really been worth it. The final product is AMAZING, and we're very excited to share it with all of you. Each one costs $15, including shipping. We'll have them shipped out as soon as we have them printed, which will be as soon as we have enough money to cover the costs, so buy them now!

Click here to order via PayPal:
For more info, you can visit their MySpace at
or e-mail Julia here.

Julia also has a LJ account at

If any of you readers could post about this, or link to it, they'd appreciate it!! I've already ordered mine. :)

Next, a Star Wars funny snatched from Tom Smith's LJ:

The original [done in 1999, apparently] was from Moosebutter. This guy, Corey Vidal, created the video using their audio.

Lastly, I made an experiment for dinner tonight, and it turned out very well! I made a Salsa Sausage Quiche, following the recipe here. I'm not a big fan of salsa, but it was very good! I'll have to remember to pick up some sour cream next time I make it.


Friday, November 7, 2008

gotta have an after-midnight thought, you know

I ran across more proof that I'm gonna like the guy in office:

He's a geek!

Need more proof? How about this? Or this??

I'm telling ya:


Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm drowning in yarn

Um...a little too much. What, you may ask? Yarn....:

  • 2 3oz balls Naturally Caron "Country" (75% Microdenier Acrylic/25% merino wool) in colorway #0024 Black (black).
  • 2 3oz balls Naturally Caron "Country" (75% Microdenier Acrylic/25% merino wool) in colorway #0011 Gilder Age (gold).
  • 1 4oz skein Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Baby" (60% acrylic/40% polyamide) in colorway Teddybear Ombre (sky blue, tan, pink, white).
  • 1 4oz skein Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Baby" (60% acrylic/40% polyamide) in colorway Blue Baby Camo (medium blue, light blue, tan, chocolate brown, pale blue).
  • 1 4oz skein Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Prints" (60% acrylic/40% polyamide) in colorway Green Camo (light green with dark green, medium green, white, and light chocolate brown dots).
  • 1 4oz skein Baby Bee "Sweet Delight Prints" (60% acrylic/40% polyamide) in colorway Pink Camo (very light pink with forest green, light chocolate brown, and pink dots).
  • 1 6oz skein Lion Brand Yarns "Homespun" (98% acrylic/2%polyester) in colorway Corinthian (red, purple, green, orange, yellow)
  • 1 50g ball Red Heart "Heart & Sole with Aloe" (70% superwash wool/30% nylon) in colorway Tequila Sunrise (orange, sky blue, hot pink, red-purple, rust).
  • 1 100g hank Araucania "Ranco Solid" (75% wool, 25% polyamide) in colorway Brick Pumpkin (deep rusty orange). #2
  • 1 100g hank Araucania "Ranco Multy" (75% wool, 25% polyamide) in colorway Island Retreat (brown, sky blue, cream, aqua). #2
  • 1 100g hank Araucania "Ranco Multy" (75% wool, 25% polyamide) in colorway Cocoa Blue (rust, chocolate brown, dark sky blue, cream). #2
  • 1 115g hank Handmaiden Yarns "Casbah" (80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon) in colorway Merlin (yellow-green, ruby red, purple, jewel blue, black)
  • 1 115g hank Fleece Artist "Trail Socks" (80% merino/20% nylon) in colorway Horizon (olive, forest green, yellow, hot pink, red, black, rust, chocolate brown). #2
  • 1 115g hank Fleece Artist "Trail Socks" (80% merino/20% nylon) in colorway Paris (dark leaf green, gold, dark purple-red, orange, black, rust, chocolate brown). #2
  • 1 50g hank Araucania Yarns "Atacama" (100% alpaca) in colorway #509 (medium brown, dark brown, cream, rust). #2
  • 1 100g ball Noro "Kureyon Sock" (70% wool, 30% nylon) in colorway #S226 Reds (red, orange, olive, purple, teal).
  • 1 100g ball Noro "Silk Garden Sock" (40% wool, 25% silk, 25% nylon, 10% kid mohair) in colorway #245 Bronzes (deep forest green, leaf green, blue, teal, bronze, grey, purple, rust). #2
  • 1 100g ball Opal "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (75% superwash, 25% polyamid) in colorway Hedwig (green, grey, cream, white)
  • 1 100g ball Opal "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (75% superwash, 25% polyamid) in colorway Harry and Ron (blue, white, green, orange, yellow, rust)

Good grief. Where did all of this yarn come from?? Okay, well, the first 8 came from Hobby Lobby, the next six came from The Loopy Ewe (including my Groupie hank! w00t!!), and the last 5 are from the Weaving Department.

I need a yarn diet. Seriously. I heard a term the other day that describes my problem:


This is an acronym for "Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy". I don't need a 12 step program for pancakes (okay, maybe I do...) - I need one for YARN.

Time to knit! I am almost finished with the Swan Song socks in Ron - I'm going to knit another pattern repeat, ribbing, and then start the next one. I'm going back and forth between the Fetchings and the socks; it just depends on what I'm in the mood to work on.

Harry, A History is on the bookshelf! I already have my copy!!! Well, I don't know if it's STILL on the bookshelves, as it appears to be selling well. I'm so happy for Melissa (she was on the front page of USAToday!!! Squee!!), and haven't read past the foreword by Jo yet. There was a review on Borders that made me tear up, tho!! Julia has another one on PFW that I haven't read yet, but she told me to find tissues before I read it. :)

Off to read, watch Leno, and knit.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

buzz time

I just read this article on Yahoo and was the first to "Buzz" it!

Fresh face, disciplined race, message of change by Sharon Cohen, AP National Writer. I liked it!

On a different note, I'm rather irritated that 'my fellow Democrats' (and I'm using the term 'fellow' loosely) broke in, looted a Republicans on Campus office, and spray-painted insults that I will not repeat here on the walls. Come on, people. Maturity. Sheesh.

I'm going to be taking some shots of the yarn I purchased over the weekend (I may have a box waiting for me at home as well) and I'll be posting that asap.


in case you missed it....

.....we have a new president.

At this time - 1:10 AM Central Time - the numbers in Missouri show that McCain leads Obama here in this state by 549 votes. Holy crapola.

ETA: 1:24 AM. The gap is now 398 votes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

did you vote?

Wow, it's been a whole week. Yarn to review, hockey games to talk about, computers to fuss at, television ads to avoid.

Actually, this will be a short one, because I want to talk about voting.

Today is the day that the people here in the US get to use what the founding fathers and their followers fought for: the right to vote for representation.

It's been a long time since I've seen lines of people waiting patiently in long lines for anything that they didn't pay for. I was very impressed with the lines I saw - even tho they meant that those people were having to take off work, or missing their soaps, or anything else they usually do on a gorgeous Tuesday. The weather was perfect!.

I looked out my window at 7 this morning (my polling place is across the street at the clubhouse, 50 yards away) and saw the line stretching out the door, around the building and down the block. There must have been 400 people in line. I went back to bed for an hour - I figured by 8:30, people would be off to work and there's be less of a line. I was right - there was less of a line, but it was still there. I actually waited until about 9:30 to walk over. They did have a choice between touchscreen and 'opti-scan' (bubble marks with an ink pen), and the optical didn't have a wait, so I did a manual ballot. The election officals were telling people that the touchscreen was faster, but I don't think so. I was in and out in 15 minutes, and there were still people waiting for the touchscreens, and the intake line had grown again as well. I must have timed it just right.

I was the 366th person to use the opti-scan, and the 617th person overall to come through at Hazelcrest. Wow. At 9:30!! I remember voting for Clinton in 1992, and there were only 382 people registered to vote at that particular polling place. I wonder what the turnout will be after 5PM??

On the way to work, I pass a library, several churches, a city hall, and a school. Everywhere that there was a polling place, there was a line out to the parking lot. From what I understand, in other areas of the county and city, stores are giving out coffee, donuts, and danishes to people in line, and if you have a "I Voted" sticker, you can get free FOOD in some places. Chik-Fil-A in the mall is offering a free sandwich if you have a sticker, Starbucks is giving away free coffee, and Krispy Kreme is giving away donuts. All for a sticker! I'll be having chicken for dinner tonight! LOL!

I've been reading the Post's coverage and things seem to be pretty smooth - the weather was a huge factor here, so people aren't complaining about standing in lines. I've also read about some of the electioneering, but (ha!) there was no-one on duty when I went to vote, so I didn't get the flyer harrassment that I usually see.

I'll be mostly avoiding the networks tonight - I have stuff to do on the computer, and the results won't be in until tomorrow or later anyway. I liked what Leno said last night, tho - he was happy to see that people have reached the saturation point of negative ads. We want to know about the ISSUES, not how 20 years ago one candidate sat in the living room of someone who 40 years ago was involved in political protests.

I've already posted this to my LiveJournal, and if you are registered to vote but have not (and are in the US), watch.

I think that's all for me right now. Yarn reviews and other stuff later.