Tuesday, November 25, 2008

not really an ad for guitar hero and geeking

This is just too funny not to share:

I posted this over on PFW, but some of you don't get over there so....

Okay, the setting. Me, at work. I work in Internet Security. I wear a badge.

Saturday, November 22, 3:45 PM.

Ahem. ;)

I get on the phone with an older gentleman who is having issues logging into his mail. I reset his password, and he still can't log in. I log in to make sure the account is still accessable, and then log back out. He tries again, and now can access his mail.

While I was in his box, I noticed he was on a Yahoogroup for DeLoreans. You know, the Back To The Future car with the gull-wing doors.

So, I ask: "I'm sorry, I noticed you are in a DeLorean group. Do you own one?"
He says "Yes, yes I do."
Me: "Is it one of the new cars from the old parts? I've seen a few of those."
Him: "No, this one has a few miles on it. It's the prototype model - I was on the design team."
Me: *blinks* "Oh, wow, that's cool!"
Him: *laughs at me*

He WAS the design team! Look! Yes, I went all geek. He was very happy with my customer support (said so, too!) and I was just geeking.

And so ends my second brush with fame. I've talked to Leigh McCloskey, too. Heee!

PK, Keish, A and I went to lunch and then to the grocery today, and then I wandered through Hobby Lobby. Yes, I got yarn. No, it wasn't a lot. Enough for a pair of socks, a furry scarf, and a pair of wristlets. I'll list them after I take some pics.


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Sue said...

How cool about the guy and the DeLorean. (and not geeky at all)