Tuesday, September 29, 2009

play like a cardinal

I'm going to bed. Really. I just had to share this:

By the way....postseason? Watch out. St. Louis Cardinals, 2009 National League Central Division winners are coming your way!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SNP '09, #stlcards style

Where I was tonight:

(Edit: They removed the video.  Meh. I was at the Stitch 'N Pitch at Busch Stadium, and there was a news video from Channel 5 in this space.)

KSDK ftw!

The Cards won, 11-6.

Sorry, I haven't posted lately. I have some very sad news, and I'm trying to really sit down and write about it, but I'm having a hard time. Bear with me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hi all! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Really. I do have a ton of yarn to review and post and some adventures to share, but I just wanted to let you know I'm still kicking.

Had some computer issues (and phone issues) - Alice, the Mamabear lappy, managed to corrupt itself last night, and I had to do a lot of contortions to get Vista re-loaded to the computer. Damn hidden recovery partitions!! Now I have to re-install all my programs. *wails* Open Office, here I come. The G1 ALSO had to be hard reset last night due to an issue with the accellerometer - and wouldn't you know, I forgot my GMail password for the darn phone? I had to create a new stinking e-mail and everything before I could get into the phone itself. Not a happy camper was I for 7 hours last night.

This'll cheer you up:


It's Tom and Dan at one of the cricket matches during the Ashes series between the UK and Oz:

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton join Jonathan Agnew for A View From The Boundary, encountering an angry Geoffrey Boycott as they enter the commentary box.

It's funny. :)

Cards are in first *dances* by 10.5 games, I think. I don't remember if the Cubbies are playing this afternoon or not, but we're getting ready to beat up on....*goes to look*.... Pittsburgh. I don't think we should have any problems with them, as they're 24.5 back *cough* but you never know. I'm going to the Stitch 'N Pitch on Sept 14th at Busch - we're playing the Marlins, who are 70-64 right now. Gonna beat up some Pirates this weekend!!

I have yarn from DBNY, CTH, Dyeabolical, My Sister's Yarn, and HL, I think, to review. My house is a disaster area, I'm planning on having guests in October (yes, the cleaning starts this weekend, as it's driving me to drink), and I am looking at new living room furniture. I'm sure NE!Sue will be happy with that.

More on yarn, Chicago (MSI FTW), rude teenagers, dogs, and college football later.

Go Mizzou! Beat the Illini!!