Tuesday, April 30, 2013

game one of the playoffs goes to...

The Blues!!!

Yes, this just happened.

Hoo-leee Jumpin!

Kelly gets the quote of the night, tho. "Good bye. Good night.  Game over!!"


Thursday, April 18, 2013

double post night...on a happier note!

Happy 75th birthday to Superman!

Man of Steel opens on June 14th.  Think I'm going to see if there's a midnight showing anywhere close.

I haven't posted here for a while...and I've been a little busy.  Have video and some pictures to share from Wizard World Comic Con 2013, and some baby news about a good friend of mine :)

Warner Bros released the third trailer for MoS yesterday - I'm guessing, due to the length (3 minutes) this is the official theatrical trailer. What do you think?  I'm looking forward to it!!

If you can watch it full screen, I'd recommend it.  I plugged the 42" TV into the computer and watched it, more than once.  WOW.  It's changed a couple people's thoughts about upcoming movie, too - it looks that good.

Oh, and I have to plug one more thing  ;)  Dean Cain's brother Roger's band is going to be on AXS TV on Monday (4/22/2013) at 9 CDT.  You can find out if you get the channel by visiting their website.  Roger's band is DSB, which is a Journey tribute band - here's the blurb:

The World's Greatest Tribute Bands: DSB - America's Tribute to Journey
The next band on The World's Greatest Tribute Bands will have you "Believing" they're the real thing! Don't miss DSB - America's Tribute to Journey, LIVE from The Roxy Theatre April 22nd only on AXS TV.

Let me know what you think of the Man of Steel trailer.


and the home of the brave

It's been a terrible week, but we're strong.

For (and from) Boston:

Pray for Boston, and for Texas.