Thursday, October 4, 2007

sock pattern brainstorming

Yeah, I posted day before yesterday, and nothing much has changed - I'm still nuts, still knitting, etc.

I'm leaning toward doing Ash's socks in the pattern Zephyr Socks by Domesticat - I found this pattern via an old Lime & Violet podcast (#20, I think) and think it's cool! It was either that one or the Jigsaw Socks pattern I ran across a few weeks ago.

The super sekret baseball socks will look cool in the Jaywalker pattern - I think the colors will pop with the mostly stockinette stitch and the intended victim *cough* is always complaining about cold feet. :) Yet another pattern gleaned from the L&V gals. You rock!

On the baseball front - the Rockies won last night YAAAAAAAAAAY! They play the Phillies again tonight - did I mention they are IN Philly? No? They are. Which means they will maybe be able to take this round at home. The Rockies were 51-31 at home this year, so I'm hoping! Go Rockies!

The Cardinals parted ways with Walt Jocketty yesterday - that's a shock, but apparently there were some philosophical and personality differences between him and a few other members of the front office. It's a shame. He brought some great players to St. Louis, and I'm sad to see him go. There were some rumors earlier this year about Jocketty being courted by the Pirates organization as CEO, so we'll see what comes of it. LaRussa's not talking yet - so we don't know if he's leaving too. I know we had a disappointing year and all, but as they say, you can't win every year. (Someone needs to tell the damn Yankees.)

I'm coasting on the ILG socks - have about 1.5 hearts and the toe to go and those are finished. Now that I have patterns set for the Christmas socks (PK's are just going to be ribbed crew socks and so will LW's) I want to finish this pair!!

Cheers :)

Edit: 6PM Central - Colorado beat the Phillies this afternoon 10-5, and now lead the best-of-five series 2-0. They're headed back to Coors Field! Woot!

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