Wednesday, October 31, 2007

more yarny goodness

Okay, I'm home, hiding from the trick-or-treaters. Just kidding. The condo complex I live in doesn't allow trick-or-treaters, or any other door-to-door anything besides mail. Personally, I think that's a load of paranoia, but whatever.


Now, I didn't buy all this yarn this week - in fact, only half is from the last 2 weeks. I ran across a few balls that I've had in the stash for a while, and forgot about. Go fig.

  1. A cake of worsted weight 100% superwash Suffolk wool in Watermelon (red, green, white, black spots, self-striping) from FreshIsleFibers (gift from Sue last year! Ack.)
  2. A ball of Colinette "Jitterbug" in colorway Alizerine (powder blue, violet, bright fuschia) - these are destined to be PK's socks. She likens the colors to 'nuclear purple'.
  3. A ball of Fortissima Colori "Socka Color" (wool/polymide) in Stars and Stripes (red, white, blue with white spots). It amuses me that the color ID is "1776" ;-)
  4. A mystery ball of yarn from Sue - I think she said it was Cherry Tree Hill, but I'm not sure. It looks an awful lot like the same base yarn as the next yarn I'm going to list. Colors are grapy purple, deep rose, dark mossy green and some grey/white. The fact that Cherry Tree Hill is owned by a Potter also amuses me. ;-D
  5. 100 grams of Claudia Handpainted 100% merino in colorway Midnight (deep purple to nearly black, dark to light blues). These, I have decided, will be the Firenze socks. The sample on her website is a lot brighter than the yarn I have in my hands - mine is a lot deeper and more purple.
  6. A ball of superwash/nylon of J. Knits "Superwash Me - Sock" in colorway Houston (orange, pink, rose, yellow) which are destined to be the "Fawkes" socks that I mentioned earlier.
  7. A ball of 100% superwash merino of Dyeabolical Yarns "Alter Ego" in Hidden Tiger (orange, yellow, gold, black). Go Tigers! Woot!
  8. A hank of 100% superwash merino from Sunshine Yarns in colorway Hungarian Horntail Dragon (chocolate brown, greys, white, tan) PLUS!! A half-skein of 100% superwash merino from Sunshine in colorway Hedwig (cream, grey, black, goldish-bronze spots) that I had tagged as a fav - and now I need another half skein! I'm thinking that the Chinese Fireball will be next in the shopping bag...

Phew. I'm done with the yarn update. For now. ;-)

PK said that A was aDORable in the Pirate costume. They were very happy with it - the temp really dropped off at sunset (that cold front that's making my ears pop probably helped a wee bit) and so he was nice and warm in his knitted outfit. Shar said she'd have pics to me, so I'll post 'em when I get 'em.

One last Halloween note - we won the departmental decorating contest at work! Yay! We had a bunch of people tramping thru 4 South to see what we'd put up - the second place was the Pirate's Cove down on 2 South. We won The Great Pumpkin and a buffet! Go SRT! Hee.


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Sue said...

I think it was closer to two years ago that I sent you that watermelon yarn. And yes, the unidentified yarn I sent you is CTH...I *think* it's the 100% superwash merino.