Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well, I took the plunge and bought the Chinese Fireball. I hope it's housebroken ;-)

Actually, the story that I'm narrating has a Chinese Fireball in it - and it is being ridden by Draco Malfoy. I think the name of the dragon is Mordor, but I could be wrong. I'm not up to that part of the story yet; I recorded the four parts of Chapter 20 last night, and have 24 more 'chapters' to go. Oi!

No idea what pattern I'm going to use for the Fireball, but I'll think about it. Possibly the Monkey socks by Cookie - altho I'm thinking of that for the Rusty Bucket colorway too. We'll see.

I'm almost finished with a friend's "omg-I-need-a-scarf" scarf - see what happens when you mention something like that in a chat room containing knitters?? Hehehe.

Tomorrow is my LYS's open house - unfortunately, it's also the day that PK and I were going to take a leisurely drive down old Route 66 to Rolla. The leaves are changing, it's going to be almost 70F tomorrow, and this will probably be the last weekend that the weather will cooperate before going downhill. PK's going to take the bike, and I'll be in the car with the windows down! I'm guessing we won't be back in time for the open house. Alas. St. Louis people, go enjoy it for me!

That's all for right now - it's lunchtime!


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Sue said...

I like the Monkey sock pattern, it's easy to memorize and makes for a nice pattern. I've got one sock knit (and the other waiting) in a very subtle black/gray. I was just going to knit it plain, but decided it would do better with a pattern and chose Monkey. Looks great, even in what is essentially one color.