Thursday, November 15, 2007

sock pattern ponderings

Hi all :)

Just a short post (yeah, I've said that before, and it turned into War and Peace, so shoot me) due to some musings about sock patterns for the latest yarns....

I've decided that the Fireplace Embers yarn reminds me of the Gryffindor common room. I really have no idea why, it just does. Yes, L will be thwaking me again, but oh well! I've been thinking about a good lace or cable pattern to use for for this yarn, and I'm leaning toward a chevron lace out of the Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches. A book that I've checked out of the library often enough to tell me that I need to BUY it. Um, yeah. Anyway, I'll need to decide if I want to make it an allover lace or a panel. *stretches the brain*

No idea what pattern for the Harry yarn yet. I'd posted earlier that I was considering the "Lombard Street" pattern for the Ron Weasley colorway, but that might be better for the Woodland/Harry instead. I'll have to go thru my sock pattern stack again, methinks.

The unnamed Somoko yarn needs a good fir-cone pattern to carry on the old-forest theme, I believe. Maybe I'll take it with me next weekend on my trip to the far frozen north. I mean, um, Nebraska. teehee. Let's hope for driving weather! Perhaps they'll have some idears.

Speaking of L, since she will be away from home as of next Tuesday (Wednesday?), I'll be hand-delivering the omg-I-need-a-scarf! scarf when I visit Teh Sue and L Thanksgiving weekend. I will promise not to buy yarn in Omaha. Unless someone twists my arm. Which I know she won't ;-)

I've been listening to back podcasts of Filkcast - Potterstyle which have been pretty good - most of the filks I've heard so far have been different than the ones that were on the SwishandFilk site. I can't get to the Filkcast homepage (it's on MySpace, and that's a no-no here) but you should be able to - here's an alternate site if you need it. The podcast is not as polished as it could be, but it's okay.

I'm stalling - the prize for the department winning the Halloween contest is a buffet, and they're running late. It was supposed to start at about 2:30, which is way past lunchtime for most of the department, so everyone is starving.


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Sue said...

The great white north? ;-) I am going to take you on a field trip to String of Purls and possible the other one, except I'm not sure it's open on Sundays...maybe Monday before you leave if you want to brave it. And me try to convince you to not buy yarn? Never!