Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i was a baaaad girl

Well, PK backed out of the drive/ride on Sunday, and this meant only one thing: Open House! wheee! I was very very (very) bad. But Oh! I so had an excuse!

Weaving Department at Myers House was open on Sunday for the annual Open House (I asked - it's usually the Sunday after the St. Louis Weaving Guild's Annual Sale), and both the Barn and the main House were open. They were *packed*. At 12:30, you nearly couldn't move in the Barn - they had everything at 60% off (the Barn is the discounted stuff) and a bin full of $1 balls. Can you say "feeding frenzy"? Hehe. I snagged quite a bit for scarves! I escaped upstairs into the House and bought yarn for a Wonderful Wallaby for A (Encore Colorspun, in Sky), some nice mohair for a scarf, and then discovered a new yarn.

Nancy just got Classic Elite Yarns "Alpaca Sox" in on Saturday.

Me loooves this yarn. 60% Alpaca, 20% merino wool, and 20% nylon. Yum-ee. I bought 2 colorways - Pebbles and what they call Hot Pink. My Pebbles is very true to the colors on the link, but the Hot Pink is darker - it's a lot closer to a light burgundy than a magenta. You can see the difference in the color card off the CEY site (linked above). It's a lot closer to Gryffindor colors than what that link shows! *grins and ducks from L's thwacking*

I also bought Sensational Knitted Socks and More Sensational Knitted Socks since I've heard from several sources that these were the sock books to have. I can practice my short row toes and heels!

Lots of good times, food and yarn were had by all, and everyone was exhausted by the end of the day. Phew!

We have a new yarn shop in town! *plays fanfare* I haven't been there yet, since they are closed on Mondays, but I'm planning on going to 'look' *cough* on Sunday. It's called Knitty Couture, and they have all kinds of sock yarn. *fans self* I think I may have found my 'Harry' yarn. The official colorway name is Chairman of the Board and the yarn is "Tiny Toes" by Interlacements Yarns. I'll need to really see it to be sure, but I think that's it. There's another colorway in the same yarn - Taiga - that is starting to try to get my attention, as is Tapestry. This is bad. Very very bad. And that's just ONE of the yarns they carry.

I'm gonna be in so much trouble. LOL!

Recorded up to um...oh yeah, Chapter 27 - The Seeker. L-at-work wanted me to keep the chapter name for 26 intact, so that chapter is entitled "The Very Late, Really Long Chapter from Hell". And it was. Oi. I've started editing again - I'd stopped, and was only recording for a while there. I have about 9 chapters to edit, and have decided to re-record Chapters 1-4, maybe 5. I changed headsets around that time, and the first chapter sounds terribly muffled to me now.

I'm finally getting my cable back (pauses for the hysterical laughter echoing across the planet since I WORK for a cable company and didn't HAVE cable) - okay now? - next Monday. I'll have to wait for a DVR, since they're out of them till the 16th, but I want one, what with the stuff coming up on TV and the fact that I work till 8PM. Must...see...ABC Family...version....of....HPSS.....

Still waiting for the yarn to come in for the Big Blue - not like I don't have any OTHER projects going, you know ;-)

No pics from S yet from Halloween - I think we're waiting for Daddy to put them online.

Okay, that's all from me for now.


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Sue said...

Finally re-joining the TV world, eh? Does this mean you'll get cable internet now? Or do you already have that?