Thursday, November 8, 2007

flash update *sneezes*

Just an update, not much happening here. Besides my allergies, that is. ACHOO!

I got my swift in from krebsbach4 on Etsy. Wow. Instead of taking an hour for me to wind a ball of sock yarn, it takes me about 10 minutes. YAY. She only has ONE LEFT, so if it's gone by the time you click on the above link, you may be able to e-mail her and ask if she's going to be selling more. It's really nice!

I've been wandering around The Loopy Ewe site today, and now I want to go LOOK. She JUST moved into an office space like 2 miles from where I work, and I reeeally want to go look. Maybe I'll e-mail and see when drop-in hours are in effect ;) Like I need more yarn. LOL I *am* going to Knitty Couture on Sunday, tho.

With luck I'll have the omg-I-need-a-scarf scarf finished by the end of the evening tonight - I actually don't have to go do anything after work, and I'm almost afraid to start recording Chapter 27 as it is a huge chapter. I don't like to break chapters up, even tho there's more than one section, because I like to be consistant. Ergo the planned re-recording of Chapters 1-5. I've become a bit more comfortable with the recording part of this project, and so that needs to be re-done.

Like I said, this is a quickie, so...cheers!

PS: If you go to visit Loopy Ewe from my blog, it's good for me! Maybe not good for your credit card, but good for me. ;-) Go. Register. Shop.

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