Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i'm ba-ack home

I'm home! Yay! And back to work. Boo!

Mom is all worried that I won't sing the (now) two songs on Friday with 'feeling'. This is my mom getting married and I won't sing with feeling?? I'm trying to decide who needs the Valium more - me or her! She e-mailed me back - she's nervous.

The trip home was uneventful - the pooch calmed down after we crossed over into Iowa and was fine until about Wentzville. That was much better than the last long trip, where he was a quaking mass of fur in the back seat for the last 2 hours of the drive.

I saw 5 trucks with gigantic wind turbine blades loaded on them - 2 blades per truck - going the other direction from me on I-29 and I-70. I passed a wind farm in northern MO right off the highway, and I'm guessing that's where they were headed. The blades are HUGE. The open end was nearly the size of the semi tractor. Yay for wind power! I looked up wind farms in MO, and I think the one I passed was the Cow Branch Farm in Atchison County, which is under construction. According to the site, those blades I saw were 140 feet long. 14 stories!! Wow! None of the at least 6 visible turbines were in operation, which was unusual, since I thought it was a fairly breezy day. I didn't manage to get a pic of them since the towers weren't visible from the southbound lanes except for a glimpse right at the highway exit. I could see them in the rear-view mirror a few more miles south on the interstate, however. I'll look for them again when I go back up to visit Sue!

I bought yarn in Omaha (shocked are you? I didn't think so) and discovered that a yarn store is apparently closed. I got to meet Joe the Enabler from Personal Threads and bought some Koigu for the first time. We tried to see if Touche was open, but a. the phone number is disco'd, and b. we didn't see it on Maple. Alas. We did visit String of Purls on Sunday, and the owner was very cheerful! Sue complained that she bought more yarn that I did. Wasn't my fault! LOL! Sel made a comment about 'self-enabling' that I agree with. ;-) I told L that I was very good on the way home - there's a yarn shop right off the highway in Columbia that even had highway billboards telling me that I needed to stop. I resisted!! I'll have to go visit them on another trip. Maybe February or something.

Here's the haul from the weekend:

  1. 100g ball of Schaefer Yarns "Anne" in an un-named colorway (forest green, magenta, olive, purple, brown). It feels yummy - 60% merino superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon. Sue says it's My Color.
  2. 2 50g hanks of Koigu "KPPPM" in Crisp, Clear Colors #P852-139 (yellow, olive, orange, blue, purple, wine, grey), 100% merino.
  3. 2 50g hanks of Koigu "KPPPM" in Country Sligo #P537-3 (green, yellows, tan, brown, olive), also 100% merino. Froggy colors!

I finished the first super sekret sock last night, and immediately cast on the second. The Jaywalker pattern is pretty cool! I think I'll be making Keshia's froggy (not the Koigu) socks in this pattern - she wants anklets, and the yarn is DK weight (I think), so I'll have plenty. Maybe enough left over for a lace pair. We'll see. I thought it was rather funny that every time I pulled out the sock in the presence of other knitters, they knew exactly what pattern it was. Go Jaywalkers!

Sue showed me the Grafton needles she picked up, and told me she likes the Knit Picks ones too. I'll have to check those out - I've been really concentrating on the socks now, so we'll see. Maybe as a Christmas present to myself.

Still no yarn for the Big Blue yet! Nancy's gonna call Brown Sheep again and see what the holdup is. Too bad it's only 500 miles WEST of Omaha. I jokingly asked Sue how far it was and she gave me a horrified look - "It's almost to Wyoming!" Now, that would be a nice destination....all that yarn! squee!

Last but certainly not least *drumroll* the Big 12-ruling Missouri Tigers are #1 in the country! woot!!! They are playing Oklahoma on Saturday for the Big 12 championship - and when, yes WHEN they win they'll probably be playing West Virginia for the NATIONAL TITLE. Missouri hasn't been ranked #1 in the country since 1960! Forty-seven fricking years! I can't tell you how exciting this is.

Okay, I've blathered enough. Cheers!

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Have you mailed the scarf yet?