Wednesday, September 5, 2007

day ... pictures!

Yay! I have pictures of Teh Sweater! These pics still look blue to me, but are a closer color to the PURPLE that I'm using.

Full shot of sleeve:

Sleeve Complete
Close up on sleeve:

Sleeve Complete Close-up
Full shot of the back:

Back Complete
Closeup of decreases on back:

Back Complete Closeup
I finished the second sleeve of the Pirate Sweater, and will start the leggings tonight!

Ought to be a fun doggie-walk tonight - it's pouring outside. Whee. Well, we needed the rain, and thanks the good lord and green apples that it didn't do this over the weekend. Spirit of St. Louis Airport + County Fair + rain = MUD MUD MUD.



Rachel said...

Wow! Looks great! I can't believe how much you've gotten done so quickly.

Where are you that it is pouring? I've had my patio door cracked all day hoping to hear some rain and the most I got was 5 minutes of light sprinkles. I wanna hear it pour, even if it means MUD.

Kismatt said...

Thanks! Now I have a break to work on the Pirate - I'm on the leggings now. *knits madly*

I'm up north of you - at work in Des Peres and home is in Hazelwood. I think all the rain missed south city and county and pounded on downtown and points west and north. We just had a terrific thunderstorm here - it was raining hard enough that we couldn't see the buildings across the highway!

Sue said...

Pretty! Now...tell me again why the purple and the blue sweaters?