Thursday, September 20, 2007

updates and squeeeeeing

Ah, autumn, can you please arrive? I want some cooler weather!

Well, the pirate sweater didn't get finished last week *ducks* I know, I know, what about the Pirate Fest?? It's gonna be too bloody hot to wear a sweater over the next 2 weekends. *sigh* Oh, well, there's always Hallowe'en. The thing is about Hallowe'en in STL is that parents have to be able to do everything from waterproofing their children's costumes to making sure that a snowsuit will fit under them if needed. We have wacky weather the end of October!

Anyway, the pirate sweater has a front, a back and one arm all attached. I did knit the crew neck, and set in the first sleeve. The other arm and the side seams needed to be sewn, but I just had to work on something else before I went 'black yarn' nuts. The end of the month deadline is coming for the ILG socks, and I'm only about four inches into the second sock cuff. We've been a bit swamped at work doing projects, and lunchtime has been just that - lunch! Can't knit and eat a messy sandwich :)

I've been bad - again. (I know. This is new how?) PK is now telling me I need a 12 step program for my sock yarn addiction. I think she might be right! Yarn that has arrived or has been ordered:
  1. my first HP Potter Covers subscription yarn arrived! squee!! Superwash merino/nylon in the colorway Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone (purple/orange/med brown/white) - this subscription series is based on the Mary Grand-Pre artwork for the US covers.
  2. Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Silkies Socks That Rock" - merino/silk blend in colorway Philosopher's Stone (green/white/dark tan/red/blue/purple). Hard to describe, click on the link to see it!

Oh, this last purchase? It's all Lime & Violet's fault. They were drooling over and going on and on about this yarn, so I had to go look.....and saw this colorway (and NAME of colorway) and had to get it. Their fault. They have a podcast - you should go listen. Oh, and's not a kid safe podcast. LOL!

I got the Lion Brand fall/winter 2007 catalog on the mail today. Yes, the "Rambling Rows" afghan is on the cover! And they're selling the pattern! Don't get me wrong - it's a great pattern - but I'm just so surprised to see it being offered by LB. Oh, and Nancy? I was right - it IS in their new line of yarn, "Vanna's Choice". Thought it had to be!! :)

Speaking of podcasts, I'm still hooked on the Potter stuff (hears the groans all around) and have discovered PotterCast! They're the 'offical podcast of the Leaky Cauldron' (thank you, Rupert Grint, for the great intro!) and are up to ep #117. I think I'm in love with Steve Vander Ark's voice. Have I already said that? Mmmmmm. He's the guy responsible for the Harry Potter Lexicon (over in the links list on the right). The HP fanfic site that I've been wandering around in (The Sugar Quill) also has a podcast available off iTunes called the SQodcast - I've only listened to one ep of these gals so far, and they're wacky. LOL! Listen at your own peril.

Lastly but not leastly (??), on the baseball front, we're either a game or maybe two out of elimination, and we got creamed tonight by the Astros. I don't wanna talk about it. It's that awful. I think we're 10 or 11 games under .500. You know it's a bad game when, in the 7th inning, the radio announcer says that the "best thing that can happen in this game is the last out." Ouch ouch ouch. *goes to find chocolate to feel better*

Well, no pics today, I'm afraid. I'll post the ILG socks when I'm finished with them, tho.


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