Sunday, September 9, 2007

lazy(ish) sunday

Just a quickie - been knitting like crazy on the Pirate outfit, and now have a 'consignment' to do as well.

One of the guys at work wants an iPod cozy in Gryffindor colors, so I thought I'd make this one. I think the gold on the top and the burgundy on the bottom would be good. Should I put in another stripe or two? Hmmm. I want to make a Weasley Sweater Cozy for myself. LOL!

I finished listening to the Fry version of the HP audiobooks, and still like the Dale version better. I think I'm all Pottered out now - unless the fan art and the fanfic suck me in, but I'm dragging my heels. Don'!

The Cards lost again today, which puts them back under .500 and behind the Cubs and Brewers, who are apparently tied for first place in the Central. I didn't catch the game today, but after last night, I'm hoping we didn't have to put half the team on the DL. Yep, it's September! Everyone's beat up, and it's showing.

My real-life buddies (and me) are all taking it easy today, since this will be the last weekend for the next month that isn't booked. Next three weekends: Pirate Fest! Arrrrr.... (which translates into 'come see us, you land lubber!')


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