Wednesday, August 29, 2007

day 30, socks, and KIP

Greetings again :)

I ran across another HP-related sock pattern from a link on the Hogwarts Sock Swap Two that is really cool: Firenze the Centaur Socks !! I'd like to make these (of course) - and I think I'll use the Dark Knight yarn I have from Rachel! whoohoo! The centaurs watched the sky for portents, and the yarn I have in mind is yellow/blue/black - deep, rich colors that remind me of the night sky.

I've also put a link in the sidebar for Campanula for a Cure, which is a donor/KAL for the Walk for the Cure in Toronto. I've decided to use another one of Rachel's yarns for these, in the colorway Naked Flesh (red/pink/white).

I have a sock surprise in the works for a baseball friend of mine that I'll talk about at a later date ;-) Don't want her to find out about it just yet! I did order more yarn from Etsy:
  1. A ball of 100% superwash merino in the colorway Dementor (black/silver/purple) from shelbyB
  2. A ball of 100% superwash merico in the colorway Ronald Weasley (green/orange/brown/silver) also from Shelby's shop
  3. A series of superwash merino/nylon blend yarn in 7 colorways - Potters Covers - from dharmafey on Etsy. This one is a subscription series.
  4. The mystery yarn for the baseball project ;) More on that later this year.

I'm coveting the Fawkes colorway from Shelby as well, but will restrain myself! Amazing, I know.

On the sweater front, er, I mean back, I'm up to the end of the first repeat. I had issues with the increases and had to frog the same row about 4 times. It's going to take me a bit longer on the back per row - there are 142 sts across - but it's looking good. The sleeve took about 1-1/3 balls of the Nature Spun, and I just started on the third ball at the top of the first back repeat. The pattern is now memorized, but I'll need to sit down and write it out soonish.

Still need to photo the sleeve; one of my co-workers suggested that I use my cubicle wall to pin out the sleeve to take a pic of it. LOL! Think I will, at that.

I need to reinstall PCStitch, but I can't find the activation code I paid for! WOE! I like to use the program for knit design, as I can make the chart easily. I've used it for the SG gansey patterns, but now I can't open the pattern files to make changes :( It's an older version, and I'll need to see if I can find the receipt of payment for it.

I met some friends for dinner last night at a place called 'Sweet Tomatoes' that has salads, pasta, and soups. I got there early, as I left from work, and D and company had to run an errand before meeting me. I think it was 'funraiser' night, because there were about a hundred kids running all over the place. Since I had to wait for the rest of the group, I sat in the 'lobby' area and pulled out the red gansey sock to work on in the meantime. After about 5 minutes or so, I noticed that the light from the plate glass windows I had my back to seemed to be getting dimmer. It wasn't that it was getting dark - it was because there were seven kids all with their faces pressed against the glass watching me knit! It was way funny! I was just inside the door, so I had all sorts of people asking me about the sock. Right before my group arrived I had one lady actually sit down and ask me where the rest of my needles were, and how was I DOING that? I've been using the Magic Loop on socks for a little while now, and I think I convinced her to try it :) She told me she lived in U City, so I suggested that she go to Kirkwood Knittery or Knitorious for yarn and help. She was fascinated by the fact there was only one long circ, and no pointy ends all over the place. D & Co. arrived about then, so we got our food and went to sit down. The whole rest of the meal I had people smiling and nodding at me as they came by our table on their way out the door. All in all, it was a rather amusing evening. If you can, knit in public! It's fun! hee!

I think that's all for now - have a nice week!


Rachel said...

I LOVE dharmafey's yarns. They are so soft. Pictures don't do them justice. That's too funny about knitting in public.

BuBBle GuM KniTs! said...

It's great that you are working on the blue sweater. I remember there used to be a pattern or kit online. But darned if I can find it now. I may attempt this sweater one day. And probably will have to go your route and design my own. An interesting challenge...

If you happen to order PC stitch via online then maybe you have an email receipt as proof of purchase? Do a search of your email INBOX for 'stitch' or 'PC stitch'.


Kismatt said...

I haven't seen a pattern for it anywhere. I'm going to try to work this pattern so it is 'sizable' - and I've asked Alison if she's doing a sequel to Charmed Knits. If she's not, then I'll post it online somewhere (including here). If she is, well, it may be in there :)

I did buy the PCS program online, but I had AOL at the time, and I think all my 'saved' mail from AOL is trapped in the messages database for that program. I just really need to call them and get the info. I know I've got it written down - it's on the CD holder - but I've moved since I installed it and it's in a BOX. Ugh.

Watch this space for Sweater updates ;-)