Friday, August 3, 2007

the reason for the sweater that ate my brain

Okay, here goes.

I've been on a bit of a Potter kick the last month or so. My co-workers and I decided to read/listen to the first 6 books before the last one hit the stores, and so I spent the first 3/4th of July listening to the unabridged version of the books, read by Jim Dale. Didn't see the movie the week it came out, but wanted to read the book right away.


Went to Borders the night of the 20th, and was at the store for 6 hours before checking out at 1:40 AM, three books clutched in my hot little hands. Two of them went to Paula's house, and one came home with me. Since I had to be at work at 8 AM on Saturday, I went right to bed. Slept for 4 hours, got up, went into work, and did actually DO work before cracking the book - cuz I *knew* once I'd opened it, I wasn't gonna be working.

Out of the 4 of us there that day, 2 were reading DH, one was listening to the end of HBP, and one was bored, reading his car magazines because no-one would talk to him ;-)

Finished the book Saturday evening about 11:30, and started the audio Sunday afternoon. Decided to see OotP on Monday since my weekends are Sunday/Monday.

A very full Pottery weekend.

Fast forward to July 29th.

I'm in the St. Louis area, and there's one theatre showing the movie in IMAX, in 3D. A friend of mine told me I *had* to see the end of OotP in 3D, so we gathered everyone up and drove to the other end of town. It was worth it!! First time I'd seen a movie twice in the thearte since I was a manager of one 16 years ago! If there is an IMAX showing OotP near you, go!

Monday I had the urge to watch the earlier movies, since I'd now OD'ed on HP5 and HP7.

Knitters should not watch these movies. They have toooo many items that are tempting! Now, I have the Charmed Knits book, and there are quite a few patterns that are in there that were in the early movies.

But the book is missing one.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, there is a scene where Oliver Wood is instructing Harry (and us) as to what each of the Quidditch balls are and do. Harry is wearing a dark blue cabled sweater that I haven't seen anywhere else in the movies, and is not in the pattern book.

Welcome to the sweater pattern that ate my brain.

Here's a shot of it, courtesy Mugglenet's screencap archive:

and another shot, with the shoulder detail (sort of):

I've been deconstructing this over the last few days, and I think I have the pattern now. The hard part will be piecing it! The biggest issue I see with this is that the patterns don't match at the shoulder, which means that it will not be seamless. Each section will have to be finished seperately and then put together.

I'm going to start putting design notes and such into future posts, but for now, I'll leave you with this.


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