Saturday, August 25, 2007

day 26 and...socks

I'm being so very bad - I have a pirate sweater to work on and what do I do?

I started the "I Love Gansey" socks. *sigh*

It's a fun sock, tho - challenging pattern! I added a few stitches as well, since I have big fat feet and the cuff has mostly stockinette stitches, so won't stretch like ribbing. Here's a teaser:

I'll post a finished pic of these when they get done - they are the August/September pattern for the Six Sox Knitalong, so I have about 5 more weeks to finish. Considering I started these last night and I'm nearly done with the heel flap, I think I'll have them completed in time. *g*

I've finally finished the sleeve for the second time and it will be a much better fit. I discovered another error - this time, it was the printer that did me in. There was a row of the table that had been cut off that had me binding off 8 stitches on each side! No wonder it was far too long! I forgot to bring the digital camera (the good one) to work, so I can't take a pic of the sleeve till later.

I'm having a tussle with the fact that I've added 10 stitches to the front and back of the sweater to compensate for the cabling - now I have to determine how many to decrease so the neck won't gape. It'll get there! I've cast on the ribbing for the back, and then got distracted by the ILG sock.

I'm back to listening to the HP audiobooks again (yes, again) - this time, I'm 'reading' the Stephen Fry version. I noticed that in the very first book, the person who saved the day first was actually *Ron*, when they all met the troll in the girls' bathroom. Just on a whim, I looked up what certain names mean, and Ronald means "ruler's counsel" while Harry means "home ruler". After SS (or in the Fry version's case, PhilS), I think that Ron should be "ruler's champion" instead! Ron's got some great hidden strengths, I think. Yes, I am a geek.

I did finish the reformat of the desktop comp, and iTunes is the biggest PITA when it comes to restoring podcasts! Bleh!

That's all for now - been busy trying to mix computer geekiness and knitting, and so didn't have as much to talk about this week.


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Nabs-chan said...

I'm very sorry for leaving a comment here. I don't know how else to contact you. ^^; You left a comment on my blog saying you made a PDF of my Firenze socks. I would enjoy seeing that. Thank you very much! You can get in touch with me at nabschan at yahoo dot com. (I broke it up so my spam filter doesn't explode.)

BTW... great job on the six socks kal! And I totally agree about Ron. He has some amazing potential. I thank whoever gave him that book about girls. I'm sure Hermione does too!