Tuesday, August 7, 2007

day 8 - rrrrrip!

Can someone please tell the guy upstairs that 100F is too hot? meh!

Well, I came to a decision to rip out the 80+ rows I've completed on the swatch sleeve - the cables were drawing the width in more than I liked, and so I think I'm going to stay with the number of starting stitches and run the increases every 1/2" instead of every 3/4". I know that'll add to the bulk under the arm a little, but I think it'll be compensated by the cables. The sleeve seemed snug at the upper arm, and I'd like a little looser fit.

Knowing the approximate amount of 'draw-in' will help on the body of the sweater as well.

My adopted niece Ashley and I went to the Stitch 'N Pitch last night at Busch - 96F at gametime, lots of people! I think we had fun even tho it was terribly hot. Maybe next year we could arrange for the SNP to be in May? Hmmm? I know there were a lot of people who didn't work on their crafts because it was just too hot. Lots of washcloths and socks being worked on otherwise (like me, working on Horcrux Sock #2). Watching the Cardinals make history (or at least tie it) in the 5th inning was a treat. 10 hits in a row! Woot! Last time the Redbirds did that was 1922 - 85 years ago. Wow. This was Ashley's first ever trip to Busch and she got to meet Fredbird and everything. This was a surprise, since the person who was supposed to come with me decided she wasn't feeling well enough to go. Ash's birthday is on Sunday, so this was an early birthday present from me.

I'll come back for the SNP again next year! If you live in a town that has a MLB team, check out the website at the TNNA site: http://www.stitchnpitch.com/.

That's all for now, I'll update again when I get back up the sleeve to the decreases, or when I have more blatherings to post.


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