Thursday, August 9, 2007

sweater day 10 and sock yarn yarn yarn

I've managed to complete a full repeat of the newly expanded sleeve - I changed the number of stitches I started the pattern on, so I think that should fit better. I'm on the fence about buying enough yarn to make the whole thing, as this was just going to be the design part. I like the color, and will seriously have to think about asking Nancy to see if she can get more of the dye lot.

I reeealy need to stay away from Etsy and the sock yarn. I got some totally yummy yarn from Alabama Fiber Dreams (they have an Etsy store here) in colorway Ginny Weasley that's a very soft superwash merino/nylon blend. It's very very bright! Sunshine yellow, orange, and red. I can't wait to knit this up! Laurie is coveting it as well, so I may have to see if I can find s'more. :)

Some other troublemakers:

  1. A hank of what looks like BFL in Ravenclaw (blue, light grey, dark grey, white) from RazzyTazzyKnits
  2. A hank of Chubby Sock in Invisibility Cloak (silver grey, powder blue, light grey-green) from MacKintosh Yarns
  3. A hank of 100% superwash merino in Sirius (black, bright orange-red, grey) from GeminiKnits
  4. A hank of BFL in Expelliarmus (orange, blue, red, green) from Elliebelly

There's another one on the way, 100% superwash merino in Dare to Enter The Forest (green, brown, burgundy and black) from SpinningDoggies.

I'm sensing a pattern here! LOL!

These will join Superhero, Naked Flesh, Dark Knight, and Knitorious-exclusive Cardinals, all from DyeabolicalYarns.

I told you I need to stay away from Etsy. Now I need to find some appropriate lace patterns to make socks out of all this terrific yarn. Oh, and in the middle of all the yarn, I bought some stitch markers from Sunneshine - HP markers, of course! Silly me.

I have a pair of socks that I just finished using J. Knits 100% superwash merino hand-dyed in Washington (red, orange, hot pink). I used the pattern "Tidal Wave Socks" from SWTC because I thought it looked like flames, and this was a hot-looking yarn! It's still a little warm to be wearing socks with sandals (yeah, it was 100F yesterday, and is supposed to get to 102F today. Ugh) but fall is coming. Soon. Please?

I'm nearly through the lightning bolt pattern on the second Horcrux sock. Since this is my 'portable' project, I'm guessing another week or so on that one, if not a little more. This weekend is already booked (birthdays galore), but I may get the heel turned before next week.


PS: (edit) The 'Birds recalled Rick Ankiel to the majors this morning. They're out of options on him, so he stays in the bigs, or he's out on waivers. I wish him the best of luck - he's had a hard road to travel, and I really want him to stay with the Cards. *crosses fingers*

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