Saturday, August 18, 2007

day 19 and horcrux completed!

Been a few days - been a little busy here and there, and oh yeah, sleep!

I completed the Horcrux socks this morning, and here they are:

horcrux socks

Yay! and Yes, I DO have big feet. They fit great! I think I'm going to make some wire-hanger blockers, tho, to wash and dry them on.

I've been working on the sweater sleeve for a while - I'm into the decreases now, and it looks like the arm will be a little long. That's okay, because the sweater needed a little hang space. It's not off-the-ends-of-the-fingers long, but enough to not expose your wrists when you bend your arm. I'm into the second ball of the purple, and nearly to the end of the 5th moss diamond repeat. I'll post a pic after I cast it off and block it. I think it looks GREAT! I'm really jazzed about this sweater.

I really need to work on Teh Pirate Sweater for my pseudo-nephew since the Pirate Fest is in 4 weeks! Ack! *tries to resist the urge to cast on another pair of socks* I really do want to start the 'I Love Gansey' socks from the Six Sox list, but...alas! So much yarn, so little time. Maybe I'll pack it along as my purse project ;-)

Not too long of a post today - gotta get back to work here and make my 'weekend' get here faster!



Rachel said...

The socks look great! I can't wait to see progress pictures on the sweater.

Sue said...

I finished one Horcrux sock today; here it is progress: (along with the halloween socks). I noticed when I went to look for the url for the Horcrux pattern, she's taken it off the net. Too bad.