Monday, August 13, 2007

day 14 update

Just a short post today.

Ripped the sleeve back to the start of the second repeat - I'd changed the spacing on the increases, and it was widening too fast, so I now have them spaced at every 4 rows for about 4 inches, then every 6 rows. Not so much material at the elbow now. It made the pattern a little easier too, as the increases are on the same row as the cable crossings. It's still gonna be a gut-buster of a pattern!

I think I found a pattern I like for the Sirius sock yarn - it's a herringbone eyelet pattern from Vogue's Knitting Dictionary, the old one. I don't have a copy of it myself, but the library did. Speaking of library books [rant], I think people who tear pages out of books should have their card revoked for life. I checked out Walker's Second Treasury and there are pages missing out of it ALL OVER THE PLACE. "Oh, I like this one...(rrip)." Gaaaah! Sheesh, it's a *library* book. If you want a copy of the pattern then make a copy or go buy the book. [end rant]

The Ginny and the Cloak yarns are still waiting for a pattern to yell out at me, but the other two I already mentioned a few days ago are set.

On a baseball front (!!) Rick Ankiel is being adored by Cardinal fans at the moment. He hit a three-run homer in his 4th at-bat last Thursday, the day he was called up, and 2 more homers in the win on Saturday! I know we aren't to expect this all the time (I wish!), but I'm so happy for him. When he hit the three-run shot, I didn't know whether to cheer or cry. He even took his first curtain call. Welcome back!

Didn't get the heel turned on Horcrux Sock #2 - Ashley's birthday was yesterday and so we had a birthday party with lots of people that had to be inside due to the 102F heat. Just a few more rows and I'll be on the flap, however.

I think that's all for now - I'm still tired from yesterday, and the weather is killing me! Looks like there's an end in sight, tho - only supposed to be in the 80's for highs next week. Right after I get the a/c fixed in the car. Of course :)


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