Friday, August 3, 2007

welcome to my blog


Just a little of an intro post to get things started.

I'm Kelly, and I live the St. Louis metro area. I consider myself a rather boring person ;-) I live with a four-legged chicken I was told was a dog - okay, yes, he's a dog, but I think he's confused - who likes to play with yarn when I'm not looking. This is good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing for him because there is a lot of yarn in my house, and a bad thing for me because there is a lot of yarn in my house!

I fell across Blogger thanks to Rachel of Dyeabolical Yarns (she also has an Etsy shop here) and would advise you to run (don't walk!) to her site. I think I now have more sock yarn than I will ever need, but the colors are fab!!

My current project (HA!!) is the HP sweater design that ate my brain. Among other things OTN:

* Sock #2 of the Horcrux Socks, knit in Plymouth Sockotta "Bright Greys"
* Pirate sweater, second sleeve, from Creative Knits (I think), knit in Lion Brand Baby Soft - this is a Pirate Fest / Halloween costume, so I'm doing okay.
* Rambling Rows afghan - this is the never-ending pattern that's been OTN for over a year. It's too HOT in St. Louis to work on it in the summer, and it's the bed-sized one. I've completed 4 of these, and this is the second one in this size. I'm working it in TLC Plush (yeah, I know, ack! acrylic! but it's good for afghans).

I think after Sock #2 is completed, I'll be working on the "I Love Gansey" socks from the Six Sox Knitalong group. That's the same place I got the Horcrux Socks pattern - they have some really cool patterns!!

I think I'll leave the story of the pattern reconstruction from hell to a later post.


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