Thursday, June 11, 2009

sorry, long time to post

Hi everyone! I'm still with you all, I've just been busy and/or not motivated to post. Sorry about that.

I just ran across this article about a town hall meeting today:

I have an excuse, I swear

And the note?

I love it!

We have just over 33 days until HBP open in theatres - *flails* - and I haven't been able to find out about the midnight show yet. NOTE TO SELF! Stop by the Regal @ The Mills on Monday. Some manager has to know if they will have the midnight show.

I've been totally sucked into Twitter, and am following such HP-related peeps such as DR (and his official site), Bonnie, Tom, Matt (and his buddy Chris 'Cuzzy'), as well as a whole range of other people - Cards fans, Mythbuster peeps (Grant and Adam), NPR feeds, wizard rockers, PFW, PotterCast, and SpellCast people, and so on. It's a lot of fun!!! Very addictive, as Kirstie Alley has discovered. She's extremely chatty, and has a mouth on her. Oi!

I have yarn from all over the place to review (it's sitting here in a pile, I swear), but I haven't had time to shoot it yet. Now that my head is on a little better, I may do that in the next day or so. Maybe Saturday evening. We'll see.

Okay, that's all for me for now.


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