Tuesday, July 1, 2014

welcome to july

Hi all, just a quickie post!

Someone on one of the message boards I frequent had a topic about what books or fanfic everyone's been reading, and I realized that I hadn't really sat down and read anything longish from beginning to end in a long time, and hadn't marked it on my "Read" list in a *very* long time.

I've updated the "Books/Fics Read" list over on the sidebar now. I'll add stuff to it as they're read. I read a lot of fanfiction!

Got to see Ruth, Denise, Lindsey, Steve and Dean a couple of weeks ago!  Want proof?

We had a great time - there were a TON of people there (I warned Steve!) and I think we walked about 6-7 miles just on Saturday.  Thankfully it wasn't overly hot. Dean was a charmer as usual *sigh* - and left for home the next day at 4:30 AM to get home for Father's Day.  That's 2:30 AM Cali time.  Poor guy.  The rest of us had dinner on Saturday & brunch on Sunday before going our different ways.

Ruth, Linz, Denise and I went to the Superman Museum on Sunday - OMG, they had some of Clark's ties and Lois's dress from "I've Got A Crush On You".  Yes, I was literally jumping up and down! :D  It was so cool!

I'm going to be working full-time soon.  No details allowed yet - we're still working out the kinks.

I'm working on the "Checkerboard Textures Throw" from Red Heart - one and a half more rounds to go and then the cleanup.  The border rounds are 750+ sts around...taking forever! I want to finish this so I can go back to my knitting needles!

Okay, that's all for now.


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