Friday, June 27, 2008

loopy-ness and broadway-bound

Wow, look, another post! I'm coming back. Sorta.

Took the plunge last night and bought the tickets for Equus!! There was a change in casting - an addition. Kate Mulgrew! w00t! We're going to the Oct 10th show - that's Friday night at 8. I managed to get Right Orchestra, 9 rows from the stage. I'm excited! D has already seen this play (with Leonard Nimoy!) so she's excited for me. ;) Pricey tickets, tho. It's going to take me 4 weeks to have the tickets in hand due to high demand. Wonder why? heee

I stopped at Loopy on the way into work this morning - and now I understand the craziness over Wollmeise. OMG. *fans self* I want this one, and this one and this one. And maybe this one too. She had them THERE, but not for sale. *cries* Maybe someday I'll manage to grab some.

She also had Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn - oh, yummy colors! Alas, these were also in the 'not for sale' group, but soon!

I did manage to behave and only got a little yarn:
  • 1 4oz hank of Cherry Tree Hill "Summer Sock" (30% merino wool/35% cotton/35% acrylic) in colorway Granite (stone grey) to use with the blue of the same type that I bought from DBNY. The Silver Dollar that I got with the blue is just too dark, and I think this lighter grey will work better.
  • 1 100g hank of The Alpaca Yarn Company "Paca-Peds" (20% alpaca, 65% superwash wool, 15% nylon) in colorway Grapevine (deep green, clay, deep burgundy-purple, black). Yum. One of my co-workers just came by and tried to take off with it so he could pet it all afternoon! The colors on the Loopy site aren't as saturated as they are in hand.

See? I was good. Only 2 pairs...

The End of Term Ball is rolling this weekend, so no other yarn shopping for me. I need to edit more of AtE anyway, and so I'll be doing that.

Spiralling Coriolis Sock #2 is coming along - I'm up to the beginning of the band, and will be working on that while editing, I think. Haven't worked on it except at lunch the past few days.

Speaking of lunch, I'm off. Cheers!

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Ann M. said...

So.. will I get to see you while you in NYC? :)