Thursday, March 26, 2009

a mini-catchup

Okay, so this really isn't a blog post...I'm a bit behind on posting, and have been (seemingly) all over the place in the last month. Sorry about that.

Hallows & Horcruxes II/Gathering of Awesome was ...well, awesome! Bought CDs, jumped around like I was 10, sang at the top of my lungs with a roomful of people doing the same thing, hung out with PFW peoples, awesome. Really, I have pictures, and links, and all sorts of other stuff to share about the trip. I've also managed to get at least one Ministry of Magic song totally trapped in my head. Sigh.

I also have a bunch of yarn to photograph, add to stash on Rav, and review here from a bunch of places including Yarn Barn of Lawrence.

A few more promos have been released for HBP, and I managed to see the trailer (#3, I think) for the new Star Trek. Oh Em Gee.

Speaking of rendering me speechless (*g*), I have just in the past hour or so finished Backward With Purpose by the evil Ella, aka deadwoodpecker. Oh my freaking Merlin. If you have a spare...oh, I don't know, few days, go read the fic. It's linked in the Books Read 2009 sidebar. PFW reviewed this fic, and it's sequel The Book of Albus, on upcoming episodes. I haven't started BoA yet, but plan to do so ASAP. This is the same author who wrote Yellow Submarine (which I have apparently forgotten to add to the Books Read list *fixes that*) and has at least three or four other irons in the fire. She's on LJ and on Go read her stuff. I'm not kidding.

I got to record a PFW! Go me! I'm a guest host on the second Season 3 PFW ep. We reviewed the last half of Harry Potter and the Power of Truth by CreativeQuill. Yes, it's linked on the sidebar. ;) No word yet as to when the release date is....probably May or so. You can hear me on Peoncast starting with the season opener, too! We've been having a great time with the one-shots and short chaptered fics.

Oh! and you can also hear me narrating a story for Spellcast. I think the podcast with the reading will be released in the next week or so.

I'll be driving (on Saturday) into the winter storm that is apparently going to be zooming through Kansas City this weekend...D and NE!Sue are having a mini-meetup, so I'm going for an overnight. It looks like I'm not going to get snowed on until at least Boonesville, and it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.

Last but certainly not least, please keep my OR!Sue (aka Sueatducksfoot) from PFW in your thoughts...her grandfather passed away on Friday, and she's in California this weekend for the funeral. It's been a difficult week for them.

Phew. This wasn't going to be this long.


PS: BASEBALL IN 12 DAYS!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sue said...

It's raining now! We like the hotel, very central. ;-) QT right next door so D can get her soda drinks!