Saturday, March 14, 2009

nine chickweed lane

I'm amusing myself today (and yesterday, and the day before that...) by reading way way old back 'issues' of the comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney. I've discovered that he's probably a Harry Potter fan: (click on each one to go to the site and see it full size)

9 Chickweed Lane

I mean, who uses the name "Hermione"?? Besides...well, you know.

The older Amos gets the more I like him:

9 Chickweed Lane

Oh, and that Gran knits! Which is rather dangerous, as she's really a pistol. Yikes. I'm laughing at the fact that she has no yarn, however...

There was this strip from almost 5 years ago:

9 Chickweed Lane

...which apparently had it's resolution just a few weeks ago:

9 Chickweed Lane

Amos and Edda are adorable. Really. They finally got together, thanks in part of the interfering Isabella and all the others. I just spent the free time of the last 3 days reading almost 3000 back strips of this comic...yay Brooke!!

Oh, had to add this one:

9 Chickweed Lane

More later. I have yarn, trip chat, wizard rock introspectives, and more. I think.


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Jeff said...

I recently did exactly the same thing - spending nearly a week at work reading five years of comic strips. Brooke McEldowney's gift for storytelling, and the achingly beautiful depictions of Amos and Edda together, actually move me to tears as I read a darned COMIC STRIP!