Saturday, May 9, 2009

new tv spot for hbp

Been a few days....

First up, new TV spot for HBP! It makes it look like a teen movie! Ack. LOL!

66 days to go. Sigh.

We may go see Star Trek tonight - it depends on PK. Actually, I may go see it by myself, as sometimes it's hard to pry her out of the house. And I thought I was bad. Biggest issue is that Faire starts next week. I have no idea if I'm working (probably not as it looks) but we'll see.

Rick Ankiel went onto the DL this week - I'm thinking it was retroactive to the 5th of May - due to the crash on Tuesday. Nothing broken, thank god, but he's got a deep 'contusion' on his right shoulder and a case of whiplash. I'm sure he's pretty body sore! I'm just really glad he's okay. He even thought that he'd broken his neck. Phew.

We're still in first in the Central, but we need to exact some revenge on the Reds today. I also want to know what the heck is going on with other teams plunking our players!! We apparently lead the NL in the hit-by-pitch (HBP? hehehe) category with 17 - 5 times in the 2 games we played the Phillies, and twice in the second Pirates game. Seven times in four games. What's up with that?? It's not like they're standing over the plate - these are usually after 3-4 pitches into the count. Weird.

I have yarn to review at some point (I sound like a broken record) and I've started the "Charade" socks again, this time cuff-down, two at a time on magic loop. I need a longer needle, as the 32" is starting to drive me bonkers. I think I need a 40" or so. The shop that I'd go to on the way home from work on Saturday has closed its doors now, I think (Chris' Craft on Olive, very sad) so I'll have to wait till Monday or call Thi and see if she has any long US1s in stock. Haven't been there in a while!

Did I mention that the Canucks swept the Blues right out of the playoffs? I didn't think so. Ang was a happy bunny *rolls eyes* but she's been tearing at her hair over round two. Payback is hell, yeah?

Discovered Kirstie Alley and Melissa Gilbert on Twitter - Kristie is totally addicted and posts several HUNDRED times a day. I knew she was awake this morning when my Chirpr (which was fairly quiet up till then) started tweeting at me every thirty seconds or so. She's yakky! Yesterday was Melissa's birthday, so she wasn't online, but apparently she's pretty yakky too. I remember talking to her (a lot!) in the old AOL Eclipse Cafe. She was a self-proclaimed chat addict, and I think she's going to be just as 'bad' on Twitter. LOL!

Back to work. Cheers!

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