Monday, May 11, 2009

star trek ftw, omg

First, the shuttle launch, if you missed it (170K+ online streamed it! w00t!)

First time I've seen a launch in a while. Was nice!!

PK and I went to see Star Trek this afternoon. OMG, OMG. It was amazing! I'm not going to spoil you, but it's a must see. Abrams did an outstanding job. It is already on my "I so totally need to own this" list. I teared up when they played the original theme over the end credits! Oh!! *pats heart* I think Matt Lewis is planning on uniting Trek fans to take over the world - although, I thought we already did that...?

I only have one thing to say as an observation. You'll see something that will remind you of an event in ST:TVH. Just think 'transparent aluminum'. You'll understand. ;)

One movie I wanted to see down. One to 64 days. w00t!

Must actually go get ready for Peoncast. I'm feeling the downhill slope though...been awake for 34 hours now. No sleep last night. I felt fine until just about 30 minutes ago, but I'm fading rapidly and there's no baseball tonight to help me stay awake. Ack.


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sue said...

Where you been lately, woman?