Sunday, February 24, 2008

just a quickie

I've been so busy this week - it's feeling like LAST week. We're all behind at work, and just found out that one of us will be transferring to a new department. Mind you, it's right next to us, but that's one less person in MY department. Joy.

I did get yarn this week, but just one:
  • a 100g hank of merino/bamboo/nylon blend (60/30/10) handpainted "Bamboo Socks" from Dharmafey, subscription list Potter Covers in colorway Half-Blood Prince (leaf green, emerald green, lilac, wine purple) with a little 'potions bottle' stitch marker, a Cleansweep trading card (!!) and the original sock pattern "The Potions Master".

I've been working on the Twinkles - need to have Sock #2 done in 4 days! eep. Where the heck did February go??

Spring training games start in 3 days and 20 hours according to Alli. ;)

I said this was going to be short....cheers, folks!

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