Thursday, January 29, 2009

was going to bed...

I was. Really. This is all OR!Sue's fault.


I just finished reading an interview from "The Daily Beast" with Dan Rad. It's an interesting read (and also not rated G, so heads up).

Filming for DH starts in about 2-3 weeks - no, NE!Sue, I don't know the date :P - and there's already been a serious accident on the set. I hope and pray that it's not as bad as it sounds.

I finished knitting on SiL's scarf - yeah, I started it ages ago, but the modified checkerboard at 62 inches long was starting to drive me barmy. Hope she likes it. I'm almost to the start of my short row heel for Ron Sock #2, and I have lots more knitting to do, so I'm working on that at lunchtime.

Jen on PFW had her baby! I almost won the baby pool! Lee Russell, 26 Jan 2009, 7lb 5oz, 20 inches long. Congrats to Jen and James, and welcome to the mayhem, Baby Lee! This is so exciting! ;D

Oh! I kept forgetting: My Books Read 2008 list is linked below the new 2009 list. I finished up This Will Be Our Year earlier (when I was actually GOING to bed) and it is linked on the new list. Go read!!

I have yarn arriving from DNBY tomorrow *ducks the flying shoes* via UPS, and I actually shoveled the path between the back door and the gate. I didn't put salt down, however, because it's below 20F and most of that path will not get sunlight, so it'll just stay frozen. That, and Plu's feet wouldn't like the salt. We ended up with somewhere between 6 and 9 inches of snow, but it was sunny today! Or yesterday. Something like that.

Okay. Going to bed now.


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sue said...

::says nothing about HP:: And yarn coming! Yay!