Thursday, February 5, 2009

when did february get here?

Hi all. I think I misplaced January....

I have a couple of links to share first - this is going to be a quickie, because the yarn is at home and I actually did a mini-roadtrip this past weekend to IA and WI.

Link number one is something that I started seeing last week - Alli had a LJ post that had a picture and now the madness has spread. First Warning! Watch Out For Zombies!! PFW had a laugh about it...Hufflepuff!Dan commented that "Well, as far as safety goes, drivers did slow down to read it..." to which Nate replied "...which was cunning plan of the zombies the entire time! Damned genius undead!" LOL! The first link has a sidebar entitled "Your Guide to the Undead" which is utterly funny.

Link number two is kinda cool if you're interested in American history: America’s first first lady: Foxy or frumpy? Historians use technology to revamp Martha Washington's image

Link number three is HBP promo posters. They're not as nice as the OotP ones, in my opinion, but Yay! Promo posters!

Okay, more later.


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Starfinn said...

If you find January can you send it my way too? I seemed to have missed the memo..err...month. (hugs)