Monday, February 16, 2009

a vid gakked from tom smith and babbles

Everyone know Tom Smith? No? You should so go check out his website and blog!!

Anyway, I gakked this from his LiveJournal. I love the smiles!!

I bought yarn from.....Michaels and The Weaving Department. I'll list them after I shoot them - I did get one of the Winter's Tale yarns by Opal! I'll shoot the Ron socks at that time, too. I'm already about halfway through BSJ #....6? No. #7. It's in the Angel yarn, Blue River. I'll be sending this along this week to a baby. Oh, yeah, and to his mom, too. ;) PK and D have decided that what I should give up for Lent is yarn purchases! ack.......!

Not much else happening - Leaky posted that the role of Reg Cattermole was cast for DH - which means the Ministry of Magic scene is in! YAAYY!!

Must read fic for tonight's podcast...Cheers!

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