Friday, February 13, 2009

the post without a title

I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I'm not taking it any more!

Okay, so, I'm just tired. And I have yarn.
  • 1 100g hank Dome Hill Yarns "Supersock" (80% superwash, 20% nylon) in colorway Blueberry (pale to medium sky blue). This is a local hand-dyed yarn out of Warrensburg, Missouri! It's a lovely, smooshy yarn. Check out her shop!
  • 1 4oz hank Dream in Color "Smooshy" (100% superfine merino superwash) in colorway In Vino Veritas (dark red, wine, deep purples). "In wine [there is the] truth." Yum.
  • 1 100g hank Mountain Colors Yarns "Bearfoot" (60% superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon) in colorway Mystic Lake (indigo, blue, wine, purple, orange-gold, forest green, pine) #2.
  • 2 50g hanks Mirasol Yarn Collection "Hacho" (100% hand dyed wool) in colorway #308 (dark blue, wine, burgundy, forest green, olive, lime, gold, yellow, orange). It's very colorful!!

I didn't get to see Chi on Monday (you are supposed to cook the meatballs all the way through, roommate-of-Teh-Chi), so instead I went to True Blue Fiber Friends in Columbia where I met Bex (*waves!*) and bought the above yarns. Plu was very very good in the car, even with the high winds pushing me all over the road and the windshield wipers going. The yarn shop is easy to get to, and she has local-dyed yarns and artwork for sale there, too.

Not much else going on - Charter is in the news this week (no, they aren't closing, I promise), and my car needs to go BACK to the shop again for electrical something. I managed to blow out 4 fuses in 2 days, and still have no dashboard or running lights. The GPS and the radio are fine! Meh.

Pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training tomorrow *happydances!!!!* and filming for Deathly Hallows week, I think! Only 153 days to go for HBP. Sigh.

I'm listening to The Temptation of the Night Jasmine by Lauren Willig. Audible *finally* got Crimson Rose - only took a year. I already bought the CDs, though, darnit. It's pretty good, but I think the Eloise/Colin storyline is going to kill me for its length. It's like reading a romance novel that has 3 chapters published every year!

Almost almost almost finished with the Ron socks. I'm ribbing. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I know it's early, but I'm pooped.



sue said...

Pretty yarn!

BexOli said...

Thanx for the plug (*waves*). I enjoyed meeting you, too! Come by anytime you're in the area.
Bex @ True Blue Fiber Friends