Thursday, July 16, 2009

more hp schtuff

A couple of Harry Potter-related articles from the Kansas City Star, 10 questions for Dan Radcliffe from TIME, and a video from the BBC! w00t!

First, the vid:

TIME Magazine asks the questions: (link to video page)

10 Questions for Daniel Radcliffe

Article #1:

Harry Potter is meant for marathons - Kansas City Star

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And article #2:

Growing up Potter: The stars look back on their childhood at Hogwarts - Kansas City Star

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Still giddy - everyone was ribbing me at work about the grin on my face when they asked me how the movie was! PFW did a bit of a commentary tonight about it...8 people on the phone all at once was mayhem!

I'll say it again. Go see it if you haven't. Really.

I got some yarn in today that I'd ordered from DBNY - one of the hanks is a reddish solid (gingersnap) and the other one is an exclusive colorway that I wasn't sure I was going to like, but looks scarily like a Ron colorway. More than I thought it was going to. I'll be taking pics of them both soonish.


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