Friday, July 3, 2009

yet another hbp clip

This one was put up a couple of days (2?) ago, and made me squee! Okay, so all of them are making me squee. Gimme a break.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Exclusive Clip

I'm working on a new project - a shrug based on the Caron Simply Shadows Shrug. It will be dark oxford grey mix with new denim stripes above the wrists and in the opening ribbing. The stripes are fairly subtle, but they show off my Ravenclaw house colors! I'm making it out of Patons Classic Wool. I'll post some pics of it as I go along!

Tomorrow night I'm going to get my copy of Harry, A History signed by Melissa Anelli! Apparently they are coming to St. Louis instead of Kansas City for the PC/Wrock tour, so they'll have a booksigning, a PotterCast show recording, and The Remus Lupins and Whompy! St. Louis County Library Headquarters at 6, people! Come see them, and say hi.

I found out that the closest theatre is going to have HBP for the midnight show, and I'll be getting my ticket for that on Sunday. w00t! 11 days, 23 hours and 25 minutes.

Watching the replay of the game today (we won) - we're tied for first with the Brewers, and Albert rocks. First player in history to get 30 homers in each of his first nine (!!) seasons. Awesome.

Off to sleep soon - working both Friday and Saturday. Yay for holiday pay!


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