Sunday, January 20, 2008

new (yarn) arrivals

*wraps up in a nice blanket*

Hi all, it's cold. We might have hit 20F today! woot!

Seriously, it's been an odd week. I really don't feel like I got a lot accomplished, and I'm starting to feel 'funk'ish. Gotta try to stay out of it.

On to the yarn! I will probably have another 'review'/stash enhancement to report on tomorrow, but I wanted to get these out :)

  • A 100g hank of 100% superwash merino from SeeJayneKnitYarns in colorway Blue Agate Beauty (green, teal, aqua, turquoise, seafoam, ruby. gold) The yarn is sooo soft and the colors are amazing.

  • A 100g hank of merino/silk blend (70/30) handpainted "Silky Sock" from Dharmafey, Potter Covers in colorway Order of the Phoenix (green-blues to purple-blues) with the "Prophesy" stitch marker and the original pattern called "Toujours Pur".

There was an 'announcement' posted over on the Weaving Dept Ravelry group that Nancy just got the new Plymouth "Happy Feet" superwash blend in! Yay! Must go look. And probably buy. At least one. :)

I finished the first of my Blues Jaywalkers:

You can't see it very well, but when I announced to the chat room (in the pic) that I'd finished #1, the quote from L in CO was "about time"! and I say again, :-P !!

Nothing much else going on - I'm in the HSKS4 group and am blogging away over there as well as here! I frogged my kit bag I was hand-knitting - I'm going to try it again on the machine and see if I can control the pucker problem a bit better. If not, well, Plan C! I am collecting more bits and pieces as we go along - happily, my swapee is an experienced sock knitter, so I can just about get for her as I'd get for *me*! LOL!

I discovered another Potter podcast this past week, and have been listening to it just about every day - PotterFicWeekly. It's not for children (iTunes has an explicit tag on it) but it's a LOT of fun. I'm way way back on Ep6 or 7 (they're up to Ep 36, I think) and the first fic they reviewed was the monster fic I'm narrating! Glad to see that other people are as nuts about this story as I am. They have a fun forum as well, which is linked off their main page. Come say hi and wish the main podcaster a late Happy Birthday :)

Off to go listen to John Noe's, I mean PotterCast #134.

Oh! I almost forgot! The Food Network show Ace of Cakes season premiere is this week, and the opener is the cake they did for the LA opening of OotP! PotterCast is doing an interview with Duff (the head dude) on this week's podcast, and the show will air on FoodTV on Thursday. Yes, I already have my DVR set up. LOL!! There are some pics and stuff on the PotterCast site about the interview - check it out here.

The Potter news for the week? There's a rumor (or two) going around that Deathly Hallows may be a two part movie. Egad. Someone needs to tell Warner that we WOULD be willing to sit through a 3+ hour movie - look at LotR! *pokes them*

Off to find something hot to drink - Cheers!

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