Thursday, January 10, 2008

yarny goodness

I had yarn in my mailbox and the invisible UPS guy dropped a box off at the back door after I walked the pooch! Yay! I'm still waiting for the international shipment to arrive, but I know that's on the way.

The haul so far:

  • 2 50g hanks of 100% superwash merino of "Louet Gems" in colorway Cabin Fever (red, burgundy, orange, tan, ash brown, charcoal) handpainted by Cherry Tree Hill

  • A 4oz hank of 100% superwash merino of "Jumbo Gems" in colorway Rustic Roost (lime green, powder blue, yellow-gold, light terracotta, pink, olive) handpainted by Cherry Tree Hill

  • A 100g hank of superwash/nylon blend "Sockittome" in colorway Caribou Creek (deep purple, chocolate brown, wine) from Cherry Tree Hill

  • A 4oz hank of superwash/nylon blend from dkKnits in colorway Mother Earth (powder blue, rust to light orange, olive to forest green) that just screams "Ron" at me. Go fig.

  • A 4oz hank of superwash/nylon blend also from dkKnits in colorway Partridge In A Pear Tree (burgundy to orange, light emerald green to forest green, gold to yellow) You tell me who it reminds you of. ;-)

I finished knitting on the hooded towel (the first approaching-finished object of the FinishALongaPalooza over on the Lime & Violet Ravelry group) and now it needs to be sewn up. Back to work on the Blues Socks (they won tonight - 4-2 against the Stars! woot!) and then, back to Big Blue.

I've been reading the Harlot's blog (you should too!) and she posted about a yarn from Webs called Valley Yarns Northampton that has a dark blue. *ponders this* I STILL have not heard anything from Brown Sheep about the 2 lone balls of royal purple I need to finish the design sweater, let alone the 8 balls I'll need for the 'production version'. *sigh* Nancy's having issues with them, methinks. I'd like to swatch the Northampton before I commit, but I'm starting to lean in that direction. It costs a little less than Nature Spun (4.99 vs. 6.50), but I really hate to not buy from my LYS. You know how it is.

I've signed up for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4. Last day to sign up is tomorrow (11 Jan), and it's linked in the sidebar if you're interested.

PotterCast #133 is up and running, and has all sorts of news about the movies and the theme park - and I do NOT want to be patient. Want HBP nowwww! arrrggghhhh! I've been listening to other podcasts that are news a fic related - some I like, some I don't, as I'm not a real big fan of Harry with anyone other than Ginny. Sorry! I'm a canon OTP chick. Same goes for Ron and Hermione. I won't listen to slash either. No thanks.

Lastly, the sports! LOL! The Mizzou Tigers were ranked #4 and #5 on two different end-of-season polls. This is the highest ranking the team has ever ended a season. I'm so impressed. :) Great job guys!!!

I'm kinda tired out now, and so I think I'll post. Cheers!

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Jenean said...

Hello, hello!! This is Mistress Wartbobble coming to check up on you. Hope all is well.