Wednesday, January 2, 2008

welcome to 2008

Happy New Year!

Now that everyone on the globe is on the same year, I thought I'd post a short entry.

I don't have any yarn to review, but I have some coming from a few places. DBNY has a sale going on at the moment for Cherry Tree Hill yarns, and apparently had a mad rush at midnight EST NYD that made the site inaccessible for several hours. I didn't log on at 11 PM my time because I was somewhere that couldn't get online (grr) and by the time I got home at 1:40, the site was completely frozen. It took about 35-40 minutes to get the page to open! I think I was finally able to place my order about 2:30 or so. Yikes. That was 3 hours after the sale started! I'll review that yarn when it arrives.

I also finally caved and bought a few skeins from dkKnits that were calling to me. J from chat agrees with me - they look Potterish. ;-) You knew that was coming.

Alli (who says she doesn't read my blog :-P ) started a booklist a few years ago, which follows her book-reading over the calendar year. I've decided to be a lemming and follow the leader, so I'll have the 2008 list on the sidebar. We decided that audiobooks do count as books, but that most fanfic doesn't. I'm altering the rules a tad to allow for fanfic, but the piece must be finished - NOT a WIP - and must be at least 50,000 words long. The fic that I'm narrating would count - as a paperback book, it would be over 2400 pages long and has over 590,000 words (!!). 50K would be about 200 pages at paperback size, and would be at the low end of novel sized. I'll be bouncing that stipulation off her tonight, and we'll see what she thinks.

I'm now surrounded by Potter at work - L of the OMG scarf sent me a HP page-a-day calendar (even tho she rolls her eyes at my OCD), and D gave me a HP wall calendar. I suppose I should round out the theme by putting the HP7 poster back up! Heh.

I just listened to the Filky Awards podcast from Filkcast Potterstyle and recommend it to those who like HP filk. Great job to everyone who won!

Missouri won the Cotton Bowl yesterday - they creamed Arkansas 38-7 in Dallas. What was so funny (or not, grrr) were all the commentators covering the OTHER Bowl games (specifically the Rose and the Sugar) who, every time they would do recaps/highlights for the completed games, would comment that Missouri should have been in a BCS Bowl game. The Tigers should have played USC at the Rose Bowl. I mean, honestly. The Illini were annihilated by the Trojans 49-10.

Congrats to Mizzou for taking that trophy home, tho. Sweet after more than 30 years, ain't it?

I think I'm tapped out for the day, so I'm off to listen to PotterCast #132, which I apparently cannot link as the site has not been updated yet! The main site is here.

Hope you're all recovering from the holidays - cheers!

Edit@5:30: The PotterCast podcast is a clip show for the stuff over the last year - was a lot of fun to listen to. They are so silly! Even if they can't count down from 10. LOL!!!!

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